Moms with kids who have ADHD

I am hoping mothers can share advise about how they are dealing with their family issues in regards to their children that have ADD/ADHD. How thye are dealing with life witth/without using meds. Just a place to know you are not the only one that are having these issues.


Meds not helping

We will be taking our daughter back to the doctor for an update and such but I am getting worried. Her meds do not seem to help her all of the time. We have been having days...


just diagnosed wit adhd and odd

my 9 yr old as just been diagnosed with adhd and odd and they want him 2 go on meds but im really worried bout side effects do all kids who take da meds get side effects coz i...


I'm so burned out.

My 6 year old has just been diagnosed as ADHD/ODD and who knows what else. We have always suspected a "hardwire" issue with him since he was a baby. Extreme colic, would only...


Nedd help bad

My 7 yr old has ADHD. I just in a lost for it. He is on meds for it. They help calm him down , he still active but not ranning from wall to wall across the room (yes he really...



My 5 yr. old is on medication for his adhd and it works wonderfully but he doesnt sleep so the doc put him on med. to help him sleep and it works but now I am worried that he is...



My 9 yr old has adhd and is on several meds and my family is pushing me to get her off the meds and her doctor doesnt think it is the right think to do! And no matter what I do...


Grandma NEEDS Help

I have a 6 yr old soon to be assessed ADHD girl. Classic signs, you might ask how I know, just ask my mother I was diagnosised at 4 yrs old and was on meds til I was about 19...



I've tried ritalin, concerta, hypnosis, cranial sacreal therapy, Eye-q,,,,my 12 year old son just cant seem to focus on school or school work, and ontop of that he is a very...



Thank you for joining my community. I look forward to talking with you all. Sarah


New in my world

Today was the big meeting at school to determine if Katelynn qualified for and IEP or a 504 to better help her with school. I think all the kinks have been worked out and...