My 4 years and 8 months kid who didn't speak properly yet , what can I do ??

Aby - posted on 11/11/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi .. I have a 4 years and 8 months kid who didn't speak properly yet , we went to many doctors they said there isn't anything to worry about , plus his growing process was normal and he don't have any problem other than the speech .. 2 weeks ago we discovered that he has a " glue ears" and we've done the surgery and started speech therapy .. I've noticed that his concentration developed but his speech didn't ! is it normal ? does he need more time ? did any of you faced something similar ? .. he actually says a number of words BUT he never uses sentences .. I;m so worried about that , will he be able to use sentence if he continue going to speech therapy along with his school ?? Thank you


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Kelly - posted on 03/07/2012




My son is 4 years 5 months, and has speech delay. I have done lots of research into it, and have declined speech therapy. We have been offered it since 2 years of age. He is slowly getting there and building up his vocabulary and using more words. His nursery got the educational pyscologist out to assess him, as they were sure there was "something wrong" with him, but there isnt. Ive had his hearing checked which is fine, and he does understand what he is told. He is just plain lazy. Some days he will say more than others. I have slowed down when talking to him, and give him time to answer. When he does talk I praise him for doing so. He still sometimes points and grunts if he wants something, but i just tell him mummy doesnt understand an he has to say what he wants. He can get his point across if he has to. My son starts school in sept, and Im not worried. Einstein and Teller(another famous scientist) didnt talk till 4, and einstein didnt speak in proper sentences till he was 7 or 8. Im actually reading a book on Einstein Syndrome at the minute, as I think my son may have this

Brandy - posted on 02/02/2012




My son is 3 and 2 months. He also has a speech problem he was in speech theraphy. It helped some but when he turned 3 he was evaluated and put in Starz Pre-K to help with his speech hes in a special needs class from 8-2 everyday When we were doing theraphy at home they had him learning sign language he did that for a while and then he was trying to talk so we talked and did sign language. Now that hes in school at 3 is hard bc Im worried about him being without me scared something will happen to him at school and him not be able to tell me but now he is starting to use more words. My son is delayed in speech, cognitive and adaptive skills. He's had two sets of tubes, his tongue clipped bc it was tied down when he was born, and hes had his adnoids taken out. He just here recently started saying two words. He says "mom, daddy, bubba, or sissy watch" I wonder if he will ever talk like other kids his age but in what short time weve had help he has come along way. He started theraphy when he was 18 months old. and from then to now its gotten a little better. So just pray and be there for him and it will come ...

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