Moms with lineman hubbies

If you have kids and are married to lineman you live a different life. You are used to long distance marriages, good night kisses through the phone, lots of praying and conversations you just nod alot to. We as wives of lineman need friends who understand our different lives and understand the sometime lonely lives we lead. So here is a group to join if you are looking for understanding friendships and shoulders to lean on.


I'm not alone.:)

My husband and I have been doing the "out of town" thing for 7 years. And I believe it does get easier but it still hasn't fault like a "normal" life. I still get loney and sad....



I have a hard time sleeping when my husband is on the road. I often toss and turn for hours before I fall asleep regardless as to how short or how long he's gone. I often find...


Fighting for Linework

This is a tough one. When my husband first started out doing linework it was TOUGH!!! He was constantly and consistantly being bypassed for work to a guy who had more...


Slow Months

My husband often has months when there isn't too much to be had. Money is always an issue. We do the best we can to prepare for it but normally by the end of the winter, we are...


Slow/Late Pay

Is such a bummer. Do the contracters our men work for NOT understand that our lineman and their families need money to survive too? Does anyone else ever have this problem?