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Moms with lots of kids

For mothers being outnumbered by their children


pregnant i crazy?

im pregnant with Baby 6 and everyone tells me im nuts and i need to go have an abortion because I have enough kids. and that i need to have my tubes tied too. My children are...


Mother of 5

I am a working mother of 5. My children range from 15 to 2 years old. My house is crazy most of the time and I love it.


Mum of 8

Hi everyone, I have 8 wonderful children, well most of the time, lol. Their ages are 10, 9, 8,8,6,4,2 and 9 months. I would so love more but get so many rude comments from...


5th child due may

I am pregnant with my 5th and have been told that i am at high risk of down syndrome. Does anyone know much about this? as i am worried as all 4 of my others have been fine with...


Creative Discipline?

Looking for some creative ideas for punishments. As a mom of 6kids grounding is just not going to work. At this moment we have a "chore" jar, this is made up of things I don't...


Always outvoted

I love have a ton of kids without a doubt. I am ALWAYS outvoted on everything! Do you guys have the same issue or am I just not mean enough? HA