My story... how it hurts!

Cara - posted on 08/08/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I want to start by saying i know that i am extremely blessed to have 2 healthy beautiful boys born 3 yrs apart.
My second son is only 2 weeks old today. Beautiful and healthy. I had my one and only miscarriage almost a year ago now, the date is approaching fast. I love my boys. but in the back of my mind always thought we'd try again for a girl. If it ended up being a boy I'd be thrilled too but since finding out at 20 weeks that the last one was a boy, wanted to try one more time for that girl. Talking with my partner recently i discovered he is really firm on only having 2 kids. I understand that completely, but in the back of my mind now i feel like the miscarriage i had almost a year ago, may have been my chance for my girl. Of coures if i had not miscarried i would obvously not have my baby boy now, but it still hurts. i feel a little empty space in my heart now knowing that he is my last and that i wont have to chance to meet my possible daughter. I miscarried at only 8 weeks so of course theres no way to know what the sex was, but its still a thought in the back of my mind that i lost my girl. The experience of the miscarriage itself was horrible. i had gone to my doctor to inform her of my pregnancy (it was planned) and because of my size she decided to send me for an ultrasound to see if it might be twins. Of course i was a little nervous t the thought of having 2 babies at once, but the excitement overpowered the nerves for sure. so there i lay on the ultrasound bed with the radiologist and her student, only to overhear them chatting about NOT being able to find a heartbeat. (techs are not supposed to under any circumstances discuss results with the patient or IN FRONT of the patient, but there i was, alone, as they dont let family or partners in the room during the first part of an ultrasound, absolutly terrified listening to the radiologist and her student talk about this, than the top doc enters and again, no one can find a heartbeat. They then told me they couldnt find it (like i diddnt already know) adn that they were going to call my doctor to see wht she wanted to do. Of course my doctor was on holidays so they talked to one of the other doctors at the clinic and told me to go see her. So there i was, in a daze walking out of the ultrasound room to greet my mother and partner, both expecting to see the tech coming out to invite them in to hear the heartbeat and see the little one. all i could do is burst into tears and say there was no heartbeat. after going to the doctors and hearing the confirmation i was so numb. my partner seemed to me to be disgustingly unmoved, telling me it was ok and that we could always try again. to this day i dont think he understands at all the loss i felt or the attatchment i had to something that id only known about for a few weeks. i was devistated, and to this day, get teary when i think about it. again i know i am blessed to have 2 healthy boys but today i just cant get over the thought that i lost my girl. i have such an amazing bond with my mom that cant really be acheived between a mother and son, i just feel a little empty at the thought of never having that. and loosing that close feeling when god forbid, my mother passes. i just needed to get this all out today. i dont think that i am depressed or anything, in fact my doctor and nurses are always amazed with how happy and cheerful i am after giving birth. this just all hit me yesterday when i heard my partner telling friends at out meet our baby party that he is happy with 2 and we wont be trying again. its not that we had really discussed it in detail that we would for sure have 3 kids in total, but since we found out the second was also a boy, id always teased him about trying once more for that girl and he never said to me he only wanted 2. it seems ive been living the last while under the impression that this was my middle child. now im looking at him a little different, knowing that he is my last baby. Sigh...


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Bella - posted on 03/09/2015




It can take a couple of cycles after a miscarriage for a woman’s body to start ovulating normally again. Did you have curette after the miscarriage or did you not need one? If you’ve had a negative pregnancy test then you could wait a week or so and repeat it if you feel you may/could be pregnant. It is possible to have a false negative pregnancy test but almost impossible to have a false positive. The other issue is that although you may have ovulated and what you saw was ovulation mucous, then you did not conceive that month. The chances of pregnancy/conception each month are quite slim despite the fact that the human race numbers in the billions. Check the conception and pregnancy/trying to conceive information on site.

Cara - posted on 08/26/2011




thank you marie. that did make me laugh. ive been toldby moer than one woman that there'saalways the "mistake" option. I am usually extremely fertile too so in all seriousness the "oops" could happen. im trying to keep in mind that his ming could change and that we are still young (although i am much younger than he is) that being a big decider in his mind in not wanting another child. he doesnt want to be "too old" while his last child is growing up and going through lifes experiences. he says he doesnt want to be "old and senile" by the time his last child is graduating or getting married. (pretty much, he knows he waited a long time to settle down, and he doesnt want to be like his dad by the time his kids are settling themselves.) his dad is falling slightly off his rocker... but hes sweet! :) ive been feeling a little better about the situation lately (mostly because im starting to discover how hard and frusterating it can be raising more than one child at a time.) but i know ill hit that point when my second is around 2 or 3 where ill get the baby fever again. as ui said in my original post, i always thought 3 was the perfect number, and i want so bad to try for that girl. of course i would never want to lie to my partner, in the sense of the "accidental pregnancy" but i feel its very unfair of him to be able to just say no and me have to deal with it. that may be what he wants, but what about what i want...? just cause he might be old and senile doesnt mean i will be... lol ill still be young enough to explain to him whats going on. (i know, not the point) but it just aggrivates me that in this type of situation, when one person says no, thats pretty much it no matter what the other person wants... :( **Sigh** gosh life is unfair...
PS i do so love my boys though! ♥

Marie - posted on 08/25/2011




Most guys just don't get it. I miscarried twice last year, the first i started bleeding the day after i'd been for an scan, saw the heartbeat and told our immediate families. It was gross, and a extremely horrible upsetting thing to go thru at home, but natural, blah blah (like they tell you as if it makes you feel better). The second was a missed miscarriage, and i got messed around between A&E and doctors for three weeks. Finally I had to have a D&C and haven't been able to get pregnant since. Like you, I have two beautiful kids. And although my husband is a great dad, and loves our kids to pieces, he never wanted to be 'in the know' of TTC, and even thou our second was planned i still didn't get a very good response when i first told him about either pregnancy. But he was always happy about it eventually.

Since the miscarriages however, although he still doesn't want to know about TTC, etc he seems more into having another baby, as do the kids. This has been really hard. My 4yo daughter keeps saying she wishes we had a baby. She loves all babies, and whenever she sees one just stares & gently touches them - it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I can't give her one!! (all 4x previous were conceived in the 1st coupla months) :o(

At the time i asked my husband about how he felt about the miscarriages, and he said it pretty much didn't make any difference to him :o(

ANYWAY, completely off my point... My point is... no matter how your husband is now, there is always a possibility that he will change his mind, or at least be more open to the idea. Be patient and wait & see... if the answer is still no, theres always the 'accident' ;o) (that was a joke to make you smile btw!)

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