Moms with More than 4 Kids

Moms with 5 or more kids. It's no easy task running a home with so many people in it. Let's share ideas on how to do this well and keep our sanity at the same time!



Hi, I'm new to the group. My name is Megan and I have 5 kids. I have 4 boys who are 10, 9, 7 and 6 and a girl who is 3. I love my big family and would really love to have...


What to do with all the shoes?

My kids are 9,7,5,3, & 1. We have a terrible time keeping track of shoes. I have tried keeping them in their rooms and by the front door. Nothing has worked for us so far....


Just wanted to introduce myself...

I've been fascinated by large families all of my life. Always said when I was growing up that I wanted 4-6 children. Met my husband and he said he only wanted 2. We struggled...


New here

Hey! I'm Brindy I have 5 kids. They are 8, 6, 5, 3, and 12 mnths. Does anyone have as much laundry as me?