Breastfeeding vs. MS Therapy

Andrea - posted on 03/24/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am 5 weeks away from having my first child. I really want to breastfeed but there is not a lot of information out there on relapses after pregnancy if you breastfeed vs. going back on your MS Therapy. I talked to my neurologist about it and she said she was comfortable letting me breastfeed for 3-6 months. Do any of you have experience with this and what are your suggestions?


Ellie - posted on 03/08/2012




I just saw your post - a year later so you have to tell me what you did and how it went. I was dx in 1992 and had children in 11/96 and 3/2000. I nursed my daughter in 2000 for a year, but I had never been on a disease modifying medication, there weren't any in 1992, my symptoms were very mild then and my MD suggested that I wait until after I have my children. Anyway - I was part of a study of Nursing mothers with MS, basically as my daugher started to ween herself and drop feedings I started my first period and developed optic neuritis. When I reported this to the researchers, they said this was very common and reported again and again. They were starting additional research based on these finding. I truely believe that hormones have so much to do with this disease.

I only wish I had had my children at a younger age, I started at 31 due to the fatigue issues. My disease is still basically pretty mild but I am on SSDI because of the fatigue and cognative issues I have. Thankfully, they are figuring out this monster and will find a cure soon.

Id love to hear how you did with nursing - it was the most wonderful experience for me, I am so glad that I made it the full year!


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Kirsty - posted on 05/14/2012




I would also be interested to know how things went for you. I have been breast feeding for 13 month and need to go back on dmds but I'm struggling to wean. I have seen forums in which some mom nurse while on dmds.

Virginia - posted on 07/01/2010




I breastfed 2 for 18 months or more (18 mo for 1, 22 mo for the other). The first 6 months I felt great, had massive energy and almost felt like me again (keeping in mind I have another pre symptoms child to compare to so this does include normal sleepless tiredness that comes with motherhood) from 6 to 12 mo I was tired and had trouble with higher functions like starting new projects and studying new thoughts etc, months 12 to 18 I felt like a zombie, after 18 mo I was a zombie falling on stairs tripping on flat floors etc.

You have to keep in mind that this all started around same time as the first of these two children. She's now about to turn 9 and # 2 is 3 1/2. The last 7 months have been downright horrible and I would have weaned any child just for my own sake right now.

The best advice is to continually reevaluate based upon your symptoms. If at any point you get to a point that you may fall carrying the baby etc because of how bad the symptoms get it's time to wean to formula. If symptoms don't get to that point keep on breastfeeding since it's good for the health of both baby and you.

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