Mom's With OCD/Panic Dissorder & Depression.

For Mom's who have Obssesive Cumpulsive Dissorder (OCD), or other Panic Dissorders, and/or Depression who need advice or to talk.



Have any of you heard of PANDAS. My 8 year old son just woke up one morning over a month ago and stated he could not eat food with crumbs or he would choke. Since then, he has...


dont give up

my name is shannon i have 4 kids a 22, 16 and twins that are 10. i was never one to have self confidence or believe in my self when i married my second husband he has bipolor...


Just Joined

Hi all- I'm an older mom with 7 children raging from 9-23. I was diagnosed VERY late but have had symptoms since teenage. My life changed for the (much) better after diagnosis...



It has been such a terrible last 2 weeks! I have been having crying spells for no reason at all! Today I was looking at cruise lines (we're taking a cruise for our honeymoon...



Thank you everyone who has joined. I really think this is an important group. I know I could use a few people to lean on that are going through the same things I am.