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Jaimie - posted on 02/27/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, my name is Jaimie. I have two children, 10 year old girl, 6 year old boy. I was diagnosed with OCD when I was 12 (33 now). I don't take meds for the OCD ( I have never found any twith good results) but I do take some for anxiety. I have learned in my years how to cope,for the most part. I work obsessivly to keep myself in check. I was really tested after my daughter turned 18 months and the chore list was so much bigger than the hours in the day. I am grateful that my OCD is not in personal hygiene (not that I let that slide either) , but mine is in the clenlieness of my house, car, office & desk okay really anywhere I sit. I have found a few tricks in the past 21 years to help me to control myself. Here they are

1- my kids will only be small once, no matter how "dirty" my house is I know the chores will NEVER be done so I take the time to snuggle or read a book when they ask. One day they won't want a snuggle & they will read their own book.

2- I can't do it all. I will try but I know I won't win the battle so do what I can.

3-Okay so the kids don't vaccum like I do...they tried, it will be okay next time I will get those corners, even in next time is tomorrow or if I have st spill flour on the floor for an excuse. I will not redo their job it makes them feel inadequate.

4-I only allow myself 15 minute intevals to clean anything. I will set the microwave timer for 15 minutes up to 4 times a day...this of course in in addition to my regular things, this is my time to wash some walls or clean a cupboard etc etc.

I look forward to having some tips on managing OCD & possibly some meds that work.



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Jaimie - posted on 05/13/2009




Hi Diane,

Sorry, I have been off line for a many other things to do in the day. I have always found it facinating to hear of the many ways OCD affects others. Do you find that people will tease you (friendly, but frustrating). For example, My towels in the bathroom must be hung propperly, the toilet paper HAS to be put on the roll so the paper comes from the top, my hand soap is on the right and hand lotion on the left. I have a couple of friends that take joy in switching the paper in the bathroom, or switching sides for the lotion etc. etc. Although it is in good fun, a person would not exchane insullin for water in a diabetic. My friends do not know that by them moving even one thing in a room causes me to go into full blown panic, I must get that bathroom clean & organized again, as soon as they are out of the house even if it is 2:00 am I will scrub & scrub until it can be used again. I guessI am asking, do others find that their disability is not taken seriously as just that a disability.

Diane - posted on 04/06/2009




Hi Jaimie-

I missed your message when you posted it. Welcome! My story is similar to yours in timing, although not in symptoms- I"m sure my husband wishes sometimes that it came out in housecleaning :)

I'm more of a "must have symmetry"/"must know where things are and be on time" OC.

While reading your tips though, it struck me that its good advice for EVERYONE, when they have young children. It's true- they grow so fast, and its more important to be with them and make them feel accomplished for their efforts.

I hope to hear more from you soon :)


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