Moms with older mates

My hubby & I have a 17-year age difference. There comes times when we have different views on parenting (he grew up in the 70's, I in the 90's). I would like to meet and converse with other moms who have similar relationships, and exchange advice.



Just found this community and figured checking it out would be a start. My hubby and I have an 18yr age diff. and have been a couple since 1999. (Jeffrey/Sueann) This is my...


Just Checking In with everyone??

Just wanted to see how everyone is doing ?? i havent been on in a few weeks and thought that i would drop a line to check on everyone ..... So lets get some updates!!!!


Hello there!

My Hubby and I have an 18 year age difference! He has 2 boys all grown up (19 and 23) and we just had our baby boy Jackson 2 months ago. In fact the age difference became...


Getting the looks...

My fiance has a 12 year age diffrence between us he is going to be 40 in Sept and In March I just turned 28 I hate that everytime we are out at dinner or shopping people always...