Moms with prison guard husbands

For mothers of children with a daddy in Corrections


Working out for the job ?

My hubby started working as a prison guard now for 2 months. The first 5 weeks were training. He has been content w/the way he looks and always said he didn’t need to impress...


CO and RN connection?

Wanted to ask a totally random question...How many of you are nurses? I am an RN and it seems so many CO's marry nurses. Does anyone else agree?


please consider helping! my mom fell into some hard times and needs help paying off her van...If you can not help please pass the...


Do child molesters ever reform?

Do child molestors put in jail and serving time really change? I mean you see them more than their wives and family do they portray men who have found Jesus and just continue to...


Hello everyone!

Hi there! My name is Missy. My husband Mike is a CO at Auburn Correctional Facility in Auburn, New York. Auburn is a Maximum Security Prison, and is roughly 180 years old. It...


Move to Missouri?

My family currently lives in Minnesota, but my husband is considering transferring to a prison in Missouri. I have lived in Minnesota my entire life and my whole family still...


Husband is a CO In Texas

Hi everyone I'm new to the group and my name is Brandi. My Husband Daniel is a CO for Beto Unit located in tennessee colony. I've heard that out of the 4 units they have Beto...


Family time!

I am a stay at home mother of one, a little girl named Ariauna she is 3and a half years old! My husband is a C.O at our county jail, he loves his job and I do to but 16 hour...


need recipes please!

Hi I am looking for new recipes. My husband is a C.O. and he works the overnight shift. He is always bringing sandwiches and he is getting sick of them. He does not want to...


Hello Ladies!! :)

Hey there, my name is Christina and I started this group a few months ago. I always say there needs to be support groups like the soldiers families have, but for corrections...