Laid Back Moms

Moms who are observant,and still stand their ground when it comes to their children,but don't judge their children from one mistake and act like it shouldn't have happen and make a huge deal of it, or make thier child feel like they have to walk on eggshells.Moms who expect the unexpected and stay open-minded when their child is involved,i'm not saying moms i don't get uptight,but i find it much simplie to not "sweat the small stuff"than to stress over any and every little thing. So,Come join my community and get advice or give advice,your advice or opinion may be the answer a mom really needed to hear.


What to get son for 10th birthday?

My son has pretty much the majority of the latest toys,well,the latest was a wii,but to him that was the best,now he's fix'en to be 10yrs and i would greatly appreciate your ideas.

Started by Victoria on 09/22/2010 in Laid Back Moms

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