Moms with Special Needs Children

To help mothers with special needs children get through all the tough times that happen when you have a child with severe handicaps. Children with special needs often have surgeries to "improve" their lives in some way. There's also many questions that come that only someone who has lived it can help with (positioning, transferring, accessiblility, recovery).



Anyone have any ideas on how to deal with a 10 year old girl that has extremely violent outburtsts.She is diagnosed with aspergers, adhd, dyspraxia, dyslexia and a non diagnosed...


Your special needs child

I'd like to have some open communication so we can better help one another. Please share what special needs/diagnosis' your child has and any concerns. Thanks.


New community

I have a daughter who is almost seven years old. She has severe CP along with many other diagnosis'. I have struggled with many issues over the years that no one near to me...