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Mom who have spirited little ones at home.


My, crazy, unique, amazing son

I sit and stare into the eyes of my beloved son. He has these intense deep blue eyes that seem to reach right into your soul. This little boy, who at six, has endured what many...


Hi Mommies,

Hello, I was very happy to find this group. It's nice to know there are folks here that understand where I'm coming from and can bounce ideas around with me. My daughter...



Hi I've got two little ones - My 4 year old has been spirited since the day he arrived. We are really in a tough place right now and are a little afraid that he might get...


EXTREME tantrums?

My son is 2 1/2 and his tantrums have always been horrible! From age 1 till 2 they were all day long. Now, he has gotten better, but he still has horrible tantrums. And when...


Good afternoon!

Hello Mommies! My name is Felicity, and Im mommy to Anja, who will be three in May. Ive always known Anja was spirited, just by her tantrums and other personality traits, but it...