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I've got two little ones - My 4 year old has been spirited since the day he arrived. We are really in a tough place right now and are a little afraid that he might get kicked out of pre-school. He's "making it difficult for the other children to learn" according to his teachers. He's a little energy ball that doesn't like to follow directions which I know will be hard down the line. Luckily my mom is a school psychologist and she's giving me some ideas on how to help his teachers and him deal with learing to be a good student.

My little girl I sometimes feel like she doesn't get the attention she deserves (she's 18 months right now) b/c her big brother commands our attention. My husband and I have read "Rasing your Spirited Child" and it is our boy to a T and may be his sister as well - just in a quieter way.

Just wanted to say hi to you mom's of "spirited" little ones.



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lol Isn't it refreshing to read something and be able to say "yes, that's my kid... it's not just me being nuts!"? I've read Raising your Spirited and even bought the workbook for my husband and I to work through to figure out some techniques that work with our 3 yr old.

I can definitely say that I have seen a difference both when she was 2 and the "spirited" was added to the "terrible two" part... but still now realizing in a week that is a challenge "you know mom, you haven't been very good about giving the reminders aka 5 minutes till X.... and recognizing that THAT is why she's had such a hard time transitioning this week and not being cooperative".

Glad you've joined us.

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