Moms with Teenage or Adult Gay Sons or Lesbian Daughters

This group is for Moms who have Gay Sons or Lesbian Daughters who are out or not out. This group is here to share my experience of being the "Community Mom" of Gay or Lesbian Children. My 19 yr old gay son would drag home all kinds of kids because their parents didn't understand their sexuality and accept them for who they are. Many of these children had been kicked out of their homes because their Moms and Dads couldn't accept the person their child was born to be. I knew my son was gay or definitely different from the other little boys before he was 2 yrs old. At 2 he stated very clearly he had NO interest in "boy stuff" and he clearly wanted to be dressed in leggings and long sweaters as opposed to jeans. He only wanted to play with girls toys and had NO interest with boy toys. At age 5 he was expressing he liked boys rather than girls and commented to his sister and I who the cute boys were. Over the last 25 years I have helped many many parents learn to accept their child for who they are not what they are. ******If at some point in time this group needs to go "secret " to protect members from harassment I will certainly consider it..