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so i saw this question on another boared and would be intrested how the moms here feel. do any of you think you may have influenced your kids to choose the gay lesbian or bi sexual life style? personnly i am very open i kiss hug and cuddle my girl friends in front of them. i have two kids a 4 year old daughter and a 13 year old daughter. my 13 year old is bi as well but i think she likes women more as she has only dated one guy and then all girls. when she was younger i would tell her how wonderful women are and if she chosses to experiment theres nothing wrong with that and with my four year old i explained why mommy likes girls in a way that she understood.


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Jennifer - posted on 07/15/2017




I had a good friend in middle school and high school who said she was bi. In college she declared herself a lesbian. Soon after college she introduced me to her fiancé the man she married. We are attracted to others by personality and looks, not gender so you never know.

Jennifer - posted on 05/16/2011




I don't think that a person can be influenced by being around gay and lesbian or bisexual people. I think it's just who we are. I mean, I am a totally straight parent who has a totally gay daughter. I even raised her in a Christian School with idea's that homosexuality is not what God would want us to "Choose" although we should love everyone, if we want to do what God wants, we need to be in a heterosexual relationship. (This was before I fully understood the few times in the Bible where same gender sexual relations are mentioned and I now know that they do NOT apply to homosexuals in general but basic practices which were common at the time of the books' writing) Anyway, at age 5 she wanted to marry her female pre-school teacher and there was NOTHING that I did to promote that and she still is gay.

The only impact I think we can have is to be open and let them find their own way. There are people who are born bi-sexual and many of them are forced into heterosexual relationships because that is what society expects. Being an open parent only provides them the room to figure out who they really are instead of forcing them to be what society wants them to be. Many left handed people were forced to be right handed because at one time it was viewed as wrong. Are they really right handed or was it because they were forced to use the right hand that they can use it functionally? I believe they are still left handed but have learned to use the right hand. They are going against what is natural to conform and I believe this happens to gay/bisexual kids all the time.

Dawn - posted on 12/09/2010




My experience would stand true oith the biological aspect that Gay or Lesbian children or adults live wit. Firstly, are there any other gay bi or lesbian family members on either side of the family? As for your daughter, obviously she could have received this genetic code from you yourself. I personally have two cousins that are or were gay as we lost at least one of them to aids and the other has been HIV positive for years. If you are interested there are websites you can find and do research showing facts that even the structure of the brain shows a slight difference between that of a straight person. I would pursue neurology brain structure and genetics..Google these words in conjunction and you will amazed as to what scientists are finding. I as a mother of a gay son knew my son was gay before he was four. Research for yourself and please let me know if you found anything helpful.

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