Moms with Teenagers and Grown Children

I'd like to discuss and debate issues specifically relating to teenagers or grown children, i.e. preparing them for adulthood, establishing appropriate consequences for their actions, preparing them for the responsibilities of leaving the nest and once left, don't come back! LOL


My Daughter

Should I let him live with us? At first, I thought no. But my daughter is sixteen. She'll be seventeen in May and she is mature. She's honest and understands that as a...


Counseling for Teens

Since dividing custody of my two teenagers, I have daughter and relinquished full custody of son to Spouse (in another state), I noticed that my daughter became withdrawn. While...


New Member Here

Hello Moms, I am a 44 year old happily married SAHM. We have been married for 24 years and have two teenagers (16 & 17). Raising teenagers is a topic not covered by many people...