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Moms with Teens and Preschoolers

A place for moms to discuss the trials and tribulations of havings teens and preschoolers.


what to do

My 17 yr old is now pregnant she is a jr in hs she is unruly will not come home on the bus from the after school pass program...she knows nothing of how to take care of herself...


Family Dynamics

I am always asked if my kids are either all mine or all belong to my husband. In my case, my older two are from a previous marriage, then my husband and I have two little ones....


Help please?

Being in my house these days is like WW3!! I have 2 DS's & 2 SS's and they're always at each others throats. Here's a bit of info: SS #1 - 11 years old, rude, disrespectful,...



My son off 12 has several short attacks off migraine during the day, sometimes so havy he passes out for a minute or so. Suggestions what i can do about it are welcome?


hi there new to group

hi there im a mum of 5 4 teenagers and a 2 year old my kids are 19,17,16,15,2 it sometimes does my head in being mum of teenagers and a toddler but my older children are...


3 girls 1 room!!!!

my 3 daughters share 1 room there age 14, 12 and 3 the 2 older 1s want grown up rooms while the 3 year old wants princess and barbie!!! any suggestions on a compramise????



I'm glad I found this community. I have 4 children, Ethan (13), Andrew (11), Abigail (2) and Emma (7 months). My boys are from a previous marriage but my husband and I have...