Moms with Teens and Preschoolers

A place for moms to discuss the trials and tribulations of havings teens and preschoolers.


keep it clean

How do i get my teenage daughter to kep her room clean.She doesnt have any other jobs around the house,so why do i am repeatng my self every day.


"Built In" Babysitters

Here's another question for the group.... (sorry, I'm full of them today) My stepdaughter is 18 and stepson is 13. I have a 2 yr old daughter. My friends and family have always...



Hi just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Aimee and I have 3 Children My oldest is almost 13 and then I have 2 preschoolers 5 and 3.


Teen Drivers

Some of my 15 yr old daughters friends are getting drivers licences., as any teen would she wants to go for rides with them. I have a stronge belife that a teen should drive...


Stupid things people say!

I was at the doctor a few days ago and mentioned having four kids. The lady asked me how old they were and when I told her 17,13,5,3. She said "all from the same husband?"...