Its been one of "Those Weeks."

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So.... Its definetely been one of "Those Weeks."

Why? You might ask?
Well, it all started Monday night. My fourteen year old son woke me up at around 2:30 am.

"Mom. I don't feel good."
"Why? Whats wrong?"
"I dont feel good... my stomach is killing me."
"Oh, well, go take some pepto."
Kyle leaves, and about 30 minutes later- "Blarrggghhhhh!!!!"

Oh, joy. My fourteen year old son has vomitted all over the couch in the living room, all over the rug, and everywhere else.
I drag myself out of bed, and go in the living room, my son is no where to be seen.
I hear him, he's in the restroom, finishing the nessescary business that is nessicary for someone with a stomach ailment.
I clean up after my son, waiting for him to return from the restroom.
I fix him some sprite and sit some Ritz crackers on the coffee table. I return to bed, now, mind you, I had been at the hospital with my sister, who was in labor for 19 hours with her first baby, and I had gotten home around 1 am, I had only had about an hour of sleep before I was awakened.
"Yes, dear?"
"Coming, dear."
I took his tempurature, 102.3. I gave him an asprin, which he proceeded to puke right back up. I gave him some pepto, which he didn't hold down either, and I tried to give him some sprite. Nope.
"Yes, Kyle?"
"I feel like I'm going to dieeeeeeee....."
"You're not. I promise."
"But I feel like I'm going to! Momma, I think- I think I'm going to-- BLARGHHHH!"
I clean up after Kyle once again, and this time, I send him to his own bed instead of the couch.
Kyle's fever rose to around 103, then started to decline around 4 am, by around 6 am, it was only 100.
Tuesday, Kyle stayed home from school, obviously, and I went to the hospital to visit my new nephew. He is gorgeous.
I went back home.
Kyle was asleep. I felt his forehead, his fever was broken, he was covered in sweat, and he was clammy. He seemed delirious. He was SO out of it.
"Kyle, baby?"
"Kyle, can you hear me?"
"Kyle, I need you to sit up, can you do that for me?"
"Kyle, I'm going to take you to the Hospital, can you walk to the car, or do you need daddy to carry you?"
"I-'m.... tired."
So, I got my husband to carry my 14 year old son out to the van, A.K.A. The Mom-mobile.

So, I took Kyle to the ER, strangly, he was VERY lethargic, and weak, but he was NOT super-dehydrated.
They did, however, start him on some fluids.
He got sick from the mouth, and the other end, when they started pumping fluids into him. He did not react very well.
He was really sick, and they wound up admitting him into the Pediactrics Unit of the Hospital. He was very sick. He doesn't get sick often, and when he does, he doesn't like to let anyone know. He once had the stomach bug for an entire week, and I didn't find out until 4 days into it. Yeah, I know.
He was still throwing up, 12 hours later, and the fluids weren't working very well, he was throwing up as soon as they entered his body. His glands were swollen, and his throat was sore. He was very sick. It was terrible. He drifted in and out of sleep the entire night.
He fell asleep all day, and then around 6 pm on Wednesday, he woke up, feeling tons better, but still throwing up. They couldn't figure out why. He was feeling fine, though, and after stopping throwing up for about 4 hours, they let us go home. I took Kyle home, and he's recovered, for the most part. He says he still feels queasy when he runs or stands up quickly, and rides in the car. They said he should recover from that within about 2 weeks.
Thursday, my 2 year old was sick.
Today, my 2 year old, 17 year old, and my 14 year old, were all sick, throwing up.
So, heres to a good Saturday?

Lets hope it gets better from here on out...

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