Teen influence on preschoolers

Wendy - posted on 07/04/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 15yr old son, a 14yr old daughter and a five year old son. Every time I turn around, my 5yr old is picking up things from the teenagers. He will use slang he hears them use, sing parts of songs he hears on their radios and tries to dress like his big brother. I teach at the Christian Academy that he attends and frequently have teachers telling me things they have heard him say that are a little embarrassing. Although all my kids are good kids, there are still some things that should not be said or done in front of the little one. I feel like I spend most of my time "unteaching" what my teenagers taught the little guy. Does anyone else struggle with this as much as I do?


Anna - posted on 01/26/2010




I do talk to my teen a lot about watching her actions and words because whether she asked for it or not, someone is watching and is looking at her as a mentor. Music used to be a big battle. We got our oldest daughter an ipod and that stoppedd most of the battles. When she has friends over I do try to keep our youngest out of their way.

Sometimes our oldest will see herself in our 5 yr old and comments on how that is inappropriate for her age. We agree with her and suggest that maybe SHE not do/say those things in our home. It's slowly getting better. Hang in there.


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Magaly - posted on 08/03/2009




instead of trying to "unteach", have a conversation with your teens. your preschooler would sooner change his behavior by following their example. your youngest is copying them because he looks up to them. remind them of that, and hopefully they'll make an effort to be more of a role model around your lil one.

Lelia - posted on 07/08/2009




Hi Wendy;

I have a 21 yr. old daughter, 17 yr. old son, and 16 yr. old son and a five yr. old daughter. I know what you mean. We've had several conversations about using grown up words and children's words. My daughter Catherine (5) loves to mimic Colleen (21). She wants to go everywhere with her, paint her nails, do her hair, etc. When Colleen's friends come over, especially if they're male, Catherine will talk about kissing and getting married, much to Colleen's mortification. I have to leave the house with Catherine so they can study. I do have to get after the older ones about language, the example they're setting, etc. I'm sure they get tired of hearing it, but if they'd do it I wouldn't have to say it!

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