Moms With Thyriod Disorders

Moms that live everyday while dealing with and trying to control thryriod disorders. Whether you have Hypothyriodism, Hyperthyriodism, Thyriod Nodules, Thyriod Cancer, Autoimmune Thyroid Disease,Goiter/Enlargement, or Thyroiditis I hope you can find support among us here.


How many of you are on a NDT?

How many of you are on Armour Thyriod or similar? I recently made the switch from levothyroxine after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's and I can tell a WORLD of difference in my...


TTC without a thyroid

I was diagnosed with papillary carcenoma last May and had 2 partial thyroidectomys. My fiance and I want to try for baby number 2 after our wedding at the end of August, but are...