Mom's with Transplants

I wanted to create a community with Mom's who have had transplanted organs and then were able to have kids because I had a kidney transplant and it gets interesting when you add a child to the picture. I have a 5 month old and had many questions when I was pregnant and on certain medications. I still have difficult things to deal with but it's a miracle my child is perfectly healthy! Please join me if you feel the same!


Hi Transplant moms!

I'm new here to this group, i had a kidney transplant a year ago. Hoping to meet people that also had transplant and dealing with bad kids at the same time! LOL


Post-Transplant Mom

Hi Tiffany, How fun to "meet" someone who's so similar! I also had a kidney transplant (8/21/02), and have a 3-1/2 year old son. I was the 2nd post-transplant pregnancy at...