Fed up with husband, lazy and wasteful

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I know I have friends and my husband has friends on here but I DON'T CARE. I am fed up with him. I love him most days of the week, but today is not one of them. He works M-R and is gone, of course, but is normally home when I get home on Thursdays or shortly thereafter. This week he didn't get home until after my daughter was in bed so that added to the stress because it's like having him gone one more day since I don't have any help. He is home all day Friday by himself since I take my daughter to work with me (we have onsite daycare, LOVE IT). Normally I give him a list of things to do not 100 but 4 or 5. I can accomplish all of this before lunch and care for Caroline on most days. He can't get it done before I come home becuase he has to sleep until 10 and watch ESPN until lunch, then he goes out to eat and has to work out (he is apply for another job so I don't mind the work outs, plus I started up again myself and he relieves me for that). That leaves him about 2 hours to get anything done before I get home. Of course he won't finish it all. Then I get up with Caroline on the weekends at 7 both days, while Mark sleeps until 9 or 10. Depends if I try to make lots of noise. I get to feed her and bathe her and change all of her diapers, oh and finish his list plus several items I have of my own. During the summer months not a problem he takes care of the outside of the house and we have land, so it's not easy. During the winter...I am fed up. When I ask him to get up with her it's like I asked him to do the impossible, he stomps around and mumbles, (well...get your ass to bed before 1am, I do). This is the kicker. Yesterday while running errands, we run them together because it gives us time together and we live 15 miles from town, he asks to go to Best Buy, I want to look at a gadget for running. Sure, I'll wait in the car because I hate taking the baby in there...too crowded and lines out the door. We get there and he says, "Well there's nothing to look at, I already looked at it online. Should I just go ahead and buy it?" I ask how much. $300. Are you kidding me? Now my husband is notrious for spending lots of money on things he is really interested in and dropping them just a few months later and letting the good sit in a closet (actually I put them in a closet). I know I have rambled on and on, but I am FED UP!


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Sorry-I feel your pain. :( My husband is gone about half the month so I wish he would help out more when at home. We once got a complaint note from our neighbor about the overgrown lawn. I too have a husband who stays up late and then sleeps late while I am corraling our daughter. I don't know that I have a magic answer except that you're not alone!

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