How do I control my defiant 7 yr old while my husband is away?

Tilisha - posted on 01/19/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 7 yr old daughter is an angel while her father is at home. With me it is a different story. She is defiant and unruly, she doesnt listen to a word I say, and back talks me. My husband has started working out of state recently and is gone sun-fri. The entire time he is gone, my daughter acts out. She gets very violent and mouthy and causes me to have to discipline (timeout or grounding) her quite frequently. But, as soon as my husband walks through the door on friday, she is a perfect angel. And stays that way until he leaves again on sunday. What can I do to help her be a better child when her father is away?


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Sabrina - posted on 01/19/2010




Maybe you could sit her down with her father and tell him how her behavior has been. Write down some of the things so you don't forget! Get your husband involved in her discipline. My 5 year old went through a little battle like that and it turns out she was just needing some serious daddy time. It's so hard on the little ones too. I actually sent her on a short trip with him and she came home a different child practically! Sometimes they act out when they are really just having a hard time coping. If he has a laptop he travels with I would suggest getting signed up with Skype b/c it's free and it helps them be able to see daddy. My husband was able to be a part of our son's birthday party b/c of Skype. Also, maybe you could have your husband call her everyday to check on her. It sounds like she just needs some daddy reinforcement and time...

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