How to find a BETTER support group?

Sara - posted on 05/18/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have been dealing with my husband being gone for about a year and a half now. At first it was really hard and I struggled with it, but it is getting to be a normal rutine for me now. I am having a hard time finding a GOOD support system! Most of my friends at home have their husbands and families to deal with at night, and are busy during the day, so they are not available to talk to, nor do they have the energy to hang out. I tried joining a church group, but everyone was so busy on the week nights, they canceled the meetings for weekend meetings, which is when my husband is home and I need to spend time with him. I have tried meeting people on facebook to chat with, but those relationships tend to be short lived and fizzle out to the point that I feel like I am stalking people trying to get someone to talk to! I just wish I could find people who actually want to form a relationship.

You know what someone should come up with... a place with mcdonalds play equipment that has healthy food instead of french fries and does not have all the horrible single dads in the world there to ignore their children! Oh yeah and it needs to be practically free!


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Sharon - posted on 05/28/2010




do a search on it's a great website. type in "moms" and your zip code and do a search. there are about 5 different mom groups in my area. if you can't find a group, you can start one of your own. it's totally free. groups have meetup times and places for you to be able to meet the other moms in that particular group.

also do a search and see if there are any indoor playgrounds near you. 15 miles from my house is a 1200 sq ft indoor playground. it's $6.00 for the entire day.

good luck!

Sara - posted on 05/27/2010




Thanks for the idea stacy. I will continue my persistance with the moms I meet at the park, we have a great one in the town home complex we live in! And with summer here finally, I may just make the park my main haunt! LOL

Stacy - posted on 05/27/2010




In a similar situation - and have found GREAT people at the local parks/playgrounds. I found that if they were there at the same time I was, their schedule was probably similar to mine. And they tended to live pretty close. Yes, I had to 'stalk' some of them. Now that my oldest is in school...I find that a lot my friends are the parents of her friends.

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