wedding on a TIGHT budget?

Codie - posted on 01/19/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




i'm planning a wedding in aug of this year. my parents and his are both giving us $1000 to help pay for it but i want to leave as little as possible for us to be responsible for. i plan to use the $2000 from our parents for the big things: booking the church, reception facility, food, alcohol, dj, and hopefully the cake and invites. i got my dress a few months back and we aren't figuring that into the budget. we sat down and estimated that we're at $2750 for things i mentioned previously, which leaves us paying for the wedding bands, license, bouquets, all decorations, wedding favors and gifts for the bridal party, and the photographer. i thought about doing either the ceremy or reception or both outside but since aug is the hottest month of the year here in indiana and i don't like flies or mosquitos, that doesnt seem like a good idea. i have yet to decide on ceremony and receptions venues for fear that i'd later find something cheaper.

i need to be sure that mine and fiance's part is as little as possible bc he just received word that he got a job requiring us to travel often. which means he looses his company vehicle at his current job and we'd have to rent an apartment near the job site. so we'll have to buy a $1500 junker car for him to back and forth to work instead of putting tons of miles on our 09 impala, and we'd also still be responsible for our house payment here in our home town. we got the first time home buyers tax credit and rules say we can't sell or rent the house out for the first 3 years or we have to pay the federal government $8100 back.

we're in a real pickle here and any thought and advice on how to make a CHEAP wedding look like a million bucks are greatly needed! thanks so much :)


Blair - posted on 01/25/2011




make the cake and do the flowers yourself im sure family members or friends know a bit about flowers or cake decorating, outside function tents with the mosquito net walls look pretty and can go anywere park backyard over here in New Zealand we have beach weddings, backyard weddings etc...... you can make anything look a million dollars just use your imagination gifts for the wedding party an engraved stainless steal, wooden etc... photo frame with a photo of them and you in always goes down a treat and its a small thing to say thankyou but means more then jewelery making most of the food as a family helps kinda like a buffet my brother and sister inlaws wedding cost under $5000 including dress, rings, dj, cake, flowers, food, ceremony and receptions venue everything you need for a wedding they also sent out with the invites a cute little card that read

"Wishing Well. To start our life off solid and strong As we have been together for so long Instead of us having a wedding "gift list" we would be delighted for you to give us a wish Finding us a gift would be so hard so just slip something into a card We hope you don't think us too direct But Six toasters ana Nine kettles are to much to collect Our wishing well will love any amount As little or as much as you think will count Please don't feel obligated to do it this way If you would rather a gift Then That's Okay."

they told anybody who asked that it was going toward buying there first house and thats just what they did they had enough for a down payment on a house with a top up of there own savings and most people were happy to help.

In New Zealand everyone in the family helps out as much as possible to make the day special for the bride and groom we are a small country but still like the nicer things in life but being with everyone to share the most inportant day of your life is more rewarding then spending alot of money on material things

I hope these things help you out and you have a wonderful wedding day with little to no dramas

from New Zealand


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Faye - posted on 02/24/2011




LOOSE the alcohol! You can toast each other with pink lemonade. There is no reason to have alcohol at a function where children will be. That will save you a bunch of money for the other items you mentioned you wanted.

The friends who stood with us understood that we were not able to give them the bridal party gifts.

The flowers were "recycled" from those I had at home from another use and the ex's cousin worked them into wonderful bouquets.

How about a 10 am wedding with a lunch reception under an outside function tent? That way the heat of the day has not occured yet and everyone can be in the AC during the heat of the day.

Try renting the Masonic Lodge, Elk's Lodge, VFW building, 4H building or Odd Fellows Lodge for the wedding and reception. The masonic lodge in our small town rented it to us for the weekend for $50. All the active Masons knew me because I had been active in Rainbow Girls for 8 years and my parents were Eastern Star members there.

How about renting the city community building? Most of those rent for key deposit only ($50 to $100), AC provided and small room for you to change yet still keep your afternoon time frame. The downfall of renting it is that normally the building is on 2 or 3 hour rental time so no time to decorate. Good thing about renting the building is easy clean up since there is no time to decorate.

Does you county fair grounds have an AC building that you could rent?

Good Luck!

Lenora - posted on 02/15/2011




We planned our wedding on a super tight budget! I made my own flower arrangements out of silk tulips fro Michael's and vases from the Dollar Store. I added a little water, placed the vase on a mirror (Hobby Lobby, $3) and then surrounded it with little votives that I bought off of eBay. Sprinkled with rose petals (Michael's) to match the tulips and VOILA! My tables cost about $15 each to decorate. We had our ceremony at the church I have gone to for years, so there was no fee for that excpet for the tip for the minister. The reception was at a firehouse hall that we got for free because we know several firemen there. It's truly all about reaching out to the people you know to see what they can help with. I made my own favors (handmade soaps) and we decorated everything ourselves. I had my cake made by a culinary arts student (just becareful, because we weren't thrilled with how it came out....but it was only $100 and it tasted fantastic). Here are some great websites: (plates, napkins, plasticware that looks like real silverware) (i ordered 150 paper lanterns in my wedding colors and then put LED flameless candles in them. it looked beautiful) (they have soooo many wedding decorations. We ordered several strands of twinkle lights and used that as our lighting so that we didn't have the ugly flourescent lights on)

I have so many ideas, let me know if you have any specific ideas you would like to try to do cheaply! I can send pics from my wedding, if you'd like. Good luck with everything, just remember, it's the end result that is the most important thing!

Melissa - posted on 01/31/2011




we had a family member perform the ceremony which was really meaningful and free! I only got flowers for my girls and we used them as decoration on the head table during the reception. We used fake flowers from Michaels floated them in cylinder vases with water and they looked real. We also floated a candle on the top of the cylinders. We had 3 cylinders per table (tiered) we got them at bed bath and beyond for $20 plus 20% off each set. You can use expired coupons at BB&B so gathering them up and go shopping. We kept the basic everything that the venue provided. I also found a really cheap cake place (san mateo, Ca). Where do you live or having the wedding i should say? I would love to help you more if you'd like.

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