Moms with trucking husbands

Is trucking in his blood? Are you back at home keeping it all together? Sometimes lonely and wish he'd find a different occupation but don't at the same time since you love it too( the economy needs our truckers...


hello there

hi all, are there any aussies here? My Dp is hoping to upgrade to a semi liscence he currently has a Heavy Rigid(HR) he loves the job.Last year he crashed his truck 3 times...


New here.

Hello everybody, I'm new here. I live in Canada, and my husband always takes his truck loads to the U.S. Anyone else in my shoes?



my husband drives for Schnider. He's in the process of buying his own truck but he's not making very much money in this process. Has anyone been through this with them?


Sharing the load

Im with a fab truckie man who always gets home for the weekends. Great and all but its the holidays and im home with miss 10, master 5 and 1 and id like him to take over some...


New to this Circle of Moms

This is an interesting site, I have been a truckers wife for 15 1/2 yrs. We have two children 14 and 10. I am very thankful that my husband has a job but it is a very tough...


Winter trips are coming!

The snow is coming soon!!! I always want to go on a trip with my "Sweet-Pea" before the snow comes, but...once again we couldn't work around our scheduled life of...


new member

hello,this is susie,i just joined this group today i have a 27 year old son,matthew, & have been in the trucking business with my husband 26 years raising a son with a long...


Not so "home for the holidays" -

My SO just started truck driving and although things are going well he will not be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We have a little boy who just turned three and I was...