Moms with type 1 children

Support for families of type 1 children; and also research information, particularly that of Dr Denise Faustman at Massachusetts General Hospital.


Hi everyone! Introducing myself.

hi everyone! My name is Dawn Lidwell and I am a happily married mother of 2 beautiful children. My 4 1/2 year old son has type 1 diabetes and was diagnosed October 6, 2008. My 3...


New to the group

I am new to this facebook group, but not the mom of a T1 group. My son, Riley, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on October 6, 2005 at the age of 3. He is now 7 and in second...


Getting ready for surgery

Jaclyn will be getting her tonsils and adenoids out next month, so this will be a new experience, how to get thru surgery when you have type 1. We go to see the endo tomorrow,...


Check out this site\r\n\r\nSupports Dr Denise Faustman\'s research. Please sign the petition if you like !


Why I'm here

My daughter, Jaclyn, was dx'd Type 1 , 5 years ago, on the day of her 8th birthday. It was so devastating at the time, and totally overwhelming. I will never forget the...