10 Reasons Why...

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Your Husband Is the Best!

My Husband is the best because...

1. He says he loves me MANY times a day.

2. He takes over the 2am feeding so I can sleep.

3. He stays up late just so I can talk about my day.

4. He plays with our daughters so I can take a nap/shower.

5. He brings me home surprises.

6. He calls me ever night he's gone if he is ever away.

7. He fights and destorys my deamons (spiders, bugs, leaky dishwasher..ectra)

8. He does more than his share of the house work.

9. He sometimes tells me storys or reads to me a little bit right before bed.

10. He adjusts so wonderfully to my craziness and says, "He enjoys the ride."

Well, Ladies why do you love your husband and what makes him the best for you?


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Lindsay - posted on 02/23/2009




1. He is strong and level headed

2. He works very hard so that I can stay home with our son, and does it with a smile

3. He is an amazing father

4. He loves to dance with me

5. He tells me I am beautiful, even when I know I'm not looking great

6. He makes me coffee in the morning, and when I was pregnant, would make my lunch every morning before going to work.

7. He is the strength and the glue to his family... they all go to him for everything.

8. He puts up with my insecurities and reassures me, time and time again, eventhough I'm sure my doubts are exhausting.

9. He is wonderful with our son... never gripes about changing diapers or getting up with me for feedings.

10. He believes in me.

[deleted account]

1. He somehow puts up with me.

2. He is getting a degree in Computer and Information Technology from Purdue University (graduating this August! I can't wait!) so that he can support our family and provide financial stability for us.

3. He is already fully supporting us on top of being a full-time student taking 15 credit hours a week at school (the most they will let you take being 20 or 21).

4. He not only is supporting us by working 19 hours a week along with the 15 hours of classes (not including meetings for group assignments and exams that are not during class) but also manages to stay active in a group that he has been with since he started college, do most of the chores and cooking as I have not been up to it with this pregnancy, and somehow find a surprisingly large amount of time to just be with me.

5. He tells me I am beautiful and he loves me EVERY morning... and then comes back into our room at least 1 sometimes 2 more times to tell me that he loves me and kiss me and that he is leaving (the last time).

6. He reads a story (sometimes 2) to our unborn daughter (and to me) almost every night before we go to sleep.

7. He makes me feel beautiful even when I also feel ugly and the size of an elephant.

8. He supports me in everything I do even when he doesn't really like it (such as my quitting work because it was getting to hard on me).

9. If he went more than an hour without telling me he loved me that we weren't asleep I'd think something was wrong because it would be so out of character... even when he is at school/work he tells me online (at least right now he has a job where he can chat with me online).

10. He can always make me smile no matter how upset or miserable I feel. Though it does sometimes take a little trying. But he is always willing to put in the effort. In fact most of the time all he has to do is flash me his own absolutely gorgeous smile or mention our little girl and whether I'm mad or sad or sick I melt and can't help but feel better.

11. Sorry I couldn't stop at just 10. He makes me feel safe and secure and has shown me that men can be good, caring, loving, giving beings and that may be the most important thing of all.

12. But it would be tied for first with the beautiful baby girl he has given me and the love he shows her even though he can't hold her or see her yet. He definitely is a wonderful husband but I think maybe almost more important to me is the fact that he is going to be an absolutely amazing daddy!

Shelly - posted on 02/14/2009




Okay my turn after reading some of your top tens I just shack my head at how most of you think what makes him the best is what he does for you I guess after almost 19 yrs of marriage i love him for what he doesn't do.

#1 He doesn't take my poop (and yes I can dish it out)

#2 He wont let me stay in a pitty party for very long

#3 He wont let me stay mad for very long

#4 He wont let me leave the house without a kiss and an I love you

#5 He wont let me be lazy (b/c there are times I can be)

#6 He wont let me ever ever feel alone no matter what I'm going through

#7 He wont allow my mother in our home(Yes this is a very good thing)

#8 He wont let me handle the kids on my own(Teen BOYS)

#9 He wont go through a day without telling me he loves me at least 20 x a day

#10 Most of all He wont ever ever leave me

We have had our moments that divorce was in the winshild but he was willing to steer this marriage away from that exit...He loves me for me and I love him b/c he's the man I want in my life to grow old with...Some times you need to sit down and ask your selves if it's all about what he does for you.  You will find that as the years go on you will look at your husbands in a different light your reasons for loving him will change.  Our boys are almost grown and are slowly moving on with thier own lives and I know that when they are gone my best friend my husband and I will be starting a wohle new journey with this thing we call a marriage.  I have discovered over the years that if you don't have a relationship with your husband while you are raising your children you will not have one when thier gone....Charish the time you are given together don't take it for granted you have to work on this thing we call marriage...What ever your idea of a marriage is

Kimberly - posted on 01/31/2009




1. He laughs at my jokes.
2. He says I'm beautiful.
3. He does the dishes.
4. He tells me he loves me.
5. He tells me his hopes and dreams for the future.
6. He makes plans for us to go away together.
7. He calls me when he is out of town to tell me about his day.
8. He never questions my decisions for our family unit.
9. He is supportive of my endeavors.
10. I love him.

Margaret - posted on 01/31/2009




1. He comes in from work and INSTANTLY takes over baby duty... he doesn't even  change out of his work clothes.

2. He gets up at night to help out.

3. He feeds the kid breakfast, so I can shower, and plays with him so I can eat.

4. He is calm and rational in the toughest situations.

5. He is clean and tidy mostly, and even puts the toilet seat and the lid down!

6. He does yardwork and gardening... and loves it.

7. He is SUCH a fun/good Daddy!

8. He knows what matters to me, and tries to do that. (IE: Affection, back rubs. etc.)

9. He's supportive by going on morning run (workout) with me.

10. He doesn't mind going to Disneyland ALL the time.

Marnie - posted on 01/29/2009




My husband is the best because...

1. He is honest

2. He makes me feel like I am the most beautiful woman in the world.

3. He is the best father

4. He handles stressful situations much better than I do; I try to learn from him.

5. He puts his family first

6. He enjoys spoiling me and the kids

7. He has always been loyal and I have no doubt he always will be.

8. He can read my mind

9. He plays with the kids in a way that I don't seem to. 

10.  He is my best friend.

Kasey - posted on 01/29/2009




1. He is my hero, I always tell him that he rescued me from the other losers out there!

2. He is the most sincere man I have ever met. He cares o much more about other's then he does his self.

3. He is so determined and I love that. He is always trying to find ways to make extra money to better this family, like doing side jobs.

4. He is very passionate, when he finds something that he is interested in, you can really tell he is interested in it.. lol

5. He is trustworthy, I could leave him in a room with super models and not have to worry about a thing.

6. He is very respectful. He doesnt come in between me and my dreams or anything that I like to do. He doesnt try to control me and make my decisions revolve around him..

7. He is the PERFECT gentleman. He always follows me into a room like a guard dog trying to protect me..

8. He is an amazing father, he got up in the middle of the night for feedings so that I could get rest. The joy in their eyes when he plays with them is unbelieveable!

9. He is great in bed! He always makes sure he pleases me first , and that is hard to find..

10. He is my best friend, I can talk to him about anything in the world and I know that he wont Judge or be little me.. He always gives me good advice and I trust him with all my secrets!

My husband is all around the most Amazing man that has ever stepped in my life and I cherish him with all my heart and soul! I sometimes take for granted how special he is but I know that he knows I appreciate him in every way and love him with my whole heart! He is my soulmate, best friend, and Lover and I will love him with every breath in my until im in the ground...

Jaclynn - posted on 01/28/2009




My Husband is the best because:
1. he works hard for our family.
2. he is over the moon happy to see us when he gets home.
3. he makes us laugh when we are grouchy or tired!
4.he loves us both so much and tells us so often!
5. he spends hours on the floor playing with our son!
6. he lets me sleep in on weekends!
7. he does all the heavy lifting.
8. he always says i look cute!!!
9. he is very encouraging and very invested in what's best for our son.
10. he listens when i ramble... and laughs when I'm not funny! lol

Tracy - posted on 01/28/2009




My guy is still the best after 23 years of marriage and 3 sons because...

1. He loves the way I look in the mornings.

2. He looks into my eyes when he talks to me and when I am talking to him.

3. He still tells me that I am beautiful after all of these years.

4. He makes me laugh.

5. He makes us (me & the boys) pancakes on Saturday mornings.

6. His strong hard working hands become so gentle & soft whenever he touches me.

7. He is a great father and friend to our sons.

8. He falls asleep holding my hand every night.

9. He rubs my feet and scratches my back.

10.He has loved me unconditionally for over half of my entire life...

The list culd go on and on...but I will save the rest! :o)

Bonnie - posted on 01/28/2009




Quoting Clara:

10 Reasons Why...

Your Husband Is the Best!

My Husband is the best because...

1.He is truely in love with  me.

2. He always tells me how beautiful I am.

3.He is a GREAT father.

4. He's super funny.

5. He is sensitive and you'd never know it.

6. He is romantic in small sweet ways.

7. He is a hard worker and great provider.

8. He has NEVER raised his voice to me or our kids. Not a fighter. Just a Lover.

9.He puts up wih my shopping addiction, sometimes encourages it!

10. He's building me a shoe closet!!

Vanessa - posted on 01/27/2009




Hi Ana,

Thanks for your kind words. I will certainly take your advice and you are right about kids growing up so fast it seems like yesterday she was born. Thanks and God bless.

Ana - posted on 01/26/2009




Hello Vanessa, looks like we got lucky with good men thank god. Congradulations with your new born. I have a daughter 18years old. Love them with all your heart they grow up fast.......and love your husband too......with alll your heart!

Vanessa - posted on 01/26/2009




1. he is respectful

2. he is dedicated to his family

3. he is an awsome daddy

4. he loves playing games (even girly ones) with our 1 year old

5. he will do anything to make me happy

6. he is supportive

7. he is my best friend

8. when i was pregnant he never missed a doctors appointment

9. he is spiritualy committed

10. immediately after a hard delivery of our now 1 year old little girl he looked at me and said "I could never ask you to go through this again"!

I love that man !!!!



Ana - posted on 01/26/2009




Well, now that I know a little better about this site let me share more about my wonderful husband. My husband treats me like i'm "his" little girl, which I love! he cooks for me and washes dishes we don't have children together but it's ok this is our second time around, he cleans house and dose my landury....i feel so guilty but he like to do it. now I don't sit around and watch him work. I also help and work out side the home, as long as he wants to take care of me that way I'm fine with it. Also, he makes me breakfast and brings it to bed weekend only cause he wakes up to early for me during the week. Finally when i want attention cause of course i need it he gives it to me with no problem hugs, kisses, and lots of snugguls.....my husband is my best friend!

Teresa - posted on 01/22/2009




How does he love me?  Let me count the ways ...

He makes me look good when he goes to work-I don't iron, he irons his clothes, and the boys clothes.

He stood in line for over 40 min with 80+ women in front of him and 100+ behind him to get free mascara for me during the Free Makeup Tuesday.

He takes me to Disneyworld and bought the Vacation Club for us and our family to vacation more.

He encourages me when I am feeling down

He makes me laugh

He plans date night and is sad when I say I might have to reschedule

He loves our 3 boys unconditionally

He wants me to be happy

He encourages me to take time for myself

He moved from a promotion, great weather state, and his family so I could be closer to mine.

He understands the importance of communication and acts on it daily

He knows how to have fun and play with the boys

I thank God for him everyday, honestly, for blessing me with him!

Parisa - posted on 01/18/2009




my husband is the best because:
1.he cooks whenever i am not up to it
2. he dose the dishes most of the time
3. it dosen't bother him when i feel emotional
4. he allways tell me that he loves me
5. he dose not care where i go or what i do or what time you coming back home
6. he is a gentle man
7. he dose laundry but hates folding it
8. he helps a lot with a new baby
9. he offers me take time for myself
10. he helps with our almost five years old daughter
11. he thought me how to drive with no yelling.
cheers to wonderful 6 years together!

Kim - posted on 01/18/2009




1. He makes me laugh

2. He always tells me how much he loves me

3. He's a fantastic dad

4. He's loyal

5. He's caring

6. He picks me up when i'm feeling down

7. He does his fair share of housework

8. He believes in me

9. He's my rock

10. He's my soulmate

He's always there for me and i luv him to bits xx

Erin - posted on 01/15/2009




To name just a few:

1. He accepted me, as I was, despite all my baggage.

2. He tells me I'm beautiful and that he's lucky to have me.

3. He worries about me when I'm sick, even when it's just a head cold.

4. If we are both having a bad day, he'll put his day behind him and focus on me and my needs.

5. He's put up with all my ridiculous, childish fits.

6. He's always willing to work out any problem.

7. He always listens

8. He calls me throughout his workday, just to check on me and the kids

9. He adopted my son (who was three when we met)

10. He always reminds me of how important I am to him.

Hermina - posted on 01/14/2009




1. He works hard  so I can stay home and raise our children

2. He gives me massages!

3. He cooks on the weekend and when he's off

4. He always says he loves me

5.He listens

6.He keeps me motivated

7.He takes care of the kids during the weekend so I can get a break  to do what I like

8.He always tells his family what a wonderful wife he has.

9.He let me vent without taking it personally

10.He puts us first all the time

[deleted account]

I love my husband very much because when I was pregnant with our dear son, I was very sick- very severe form of hyperemesis (morning sickness), I was totally unable to eat anything, even water at times- I probably threw up 10-15 times a day up until 8 months pregnant. I was on home IV fluids for six months and I was admitted into the hospital numerous times during the pregnancy and at one point for blood transfusions. My husband helped me every single day, dumping out the vomit bucket, multiple times a day, because at times I was so weak I could not even get out of bed. He never once complained about it- he was just always wanting to help me. He helped me with the IV fluid treatment every week, unloading the delivery from the medical supply in the frig. I was basically unable to be around food and watching people eat food or the smell of food would make me vomit. He completely respected this and ate in the other room, and for months he got take out food for the other kids in the family and he would go out of his way to make sure the kids still ate healthy. This really stands out in our marriage because there were people who did not understand what was going on with me during my pregnancy and were not willing to lend a hand. My husband is so special to me because of this.

Melissa - posted on 01/13/2009




My husband is absolutely the most kind, considerate person I have ever met. He is a Christian and I look up to him as a person that I should aspire to be. He loves me unconditionally and treats our son as if he were his own and he is his step son.

Leyla - posted on 01/13/2009




I dont know that I can narrow it down to 10 but will try and find the 10 that make him the best to me!

He is sooo handsome.

He calls me poptart...it always makes me giggle like I am 16

He is the best dad to our two sons ..the disciplinarian when I cant be or the playmate when they need it.

He helps me be rational when I feel like being crazy

He made me stay in nursing school when I was sure it was dragging me away from him and our sons

He loves me in spite of myself and loves me soooo perfectly

He works hard and makes every sacrifice to give us everything we need and then some

He is my very very best friend in the whole world

He makes me feel beautiful

He makes me laugh and helps me remember how to play even though we are grown ups

These are only a few of the reasons I will always love him and be his wife. I am not sure what I did to deserve a man like him but I am so so glad that I did it!

SusanMichelle - posted on 01/12/2009




10 reasons why I love my husband...

1. He loves me unconditionally

2. He is a WONDERFUL father

3. I feel safe with him.

4. He is a exceptional provider for my family

5 He allows me to stay at home with the kids

6. He is an amazing cook

7 I swear he is perfect...everything he does he gives 100% and it is ALWAYS done right

8 He is VERY ambitious...he just finished his doctorate and he is only 28!

9 He is a hero, any husband in the military are my heroes

10 He treats me like a QUEEN!


There are many more but you asked for 10!!

[deleted account]

My husband loves his children,as much as I

He believes in balance

Is a comfort just being in his presence

Never stops loving me through all the ups and downs

His wife and family come first

Can make me laugh at my lowest

Appreciates me as a mother,and trusts my judgements

Does not take me too seriously

Wants and needs his family to be happy

Is amazing with our children

[deleted account]

My husband loves his children,as much as I

He believes in balance

Is a comfort just being in his presence

Never stops loving me through all the ups and downs

His wife and family come first

Can make me laugh at my lowest

Appreciates me as a mother,and trusts my judgements

Does not take me too seriously

Wants and needs his family to be happy

Is amazing with our children

[deleted account]

He loves me
He is a fantastic dad to our girl
He is always there when I need him
He loves & respect my family
He kisses, hugs, cuddles & cheers me
He puts up with me & my silly demands
He values and loves spending his time with me & our little girl
He cares about those around him
He provides very well for the family
He helps out with house chores & fixes broken things

Fawn - posted on 01/09/2009




1. He tells me he loves me all the time!

2. He had me stop working when I got pregnant and had morning sickness really bad.  And now he's working to support me being a Stay at home mom

3. He's always honest.

4. He's got big dreams that never end!

5. He's loyal.

6. He's going to be a great dad...I can just tell by the way he looks at my belly and gets a big smile whenever we talk about how we're going to have a baby in less than a month!

7. He always texts me from work to see how I'm doing.

8. He never leaves the house without giving me a kiss good-bye.

9.  If we ever have a fight he is the first to make sure we work it out....which involves waiting for me to write in a journal all my thoughts and feelings.

10. He's so understanding of me.

11. He does so much of the house work: all of the cleaning, a lot of the dishes, makes diner half the time, and so much more!

And I could keep going!  He's just a great man.  I feel so luck to have him in my life!

Francine - posted on 01/09/2009




1. He loves me more then anything besides our children.

2.He is always here for me when ever I need it.

3.He is the BESTest daddy to our boy's.

4. He stay's awake so when I get off work at night we can have some chat time/hubby wifey time when the kids are sleeping.

5.He spoils me as much as he can.

6. He tells me daily that Im sexy.

7.He would rather spend his days off with us his family then go out with friends.

8. He has a BIG heart.

9.He texts me daily cute little things that make me smile.

10. He work's hard for us to have the thing's we have for our family.

User - posted on 01/08/2009




I am pregnant and my husband rubs my back and sits with me one the toilet floor every time i chuck.

He tells me i am beautiful when i am having a fat day and clearly beg to differ.

He doesnt ask me to do the house work though i dont work, as he understands that looking after a 2 year old and being pregnant is a big ask.

He notices the small bit of house work that i do do and makes me feel very special just because i did it.

He lets me sleep in late on saturday morning even though its the only day of the week he could sleep in.

He comes in every night and tucks our daughter in and reads her stories with me before bed.

Hes the one that says, hey can you turn the tv off in abit so we can talk.

Once a week he creates date night where he pampers me extra, whether its a bath and chocolates or a special fondue, or simple cooks brunch.

He rubs my feet everyday before he goes to bed.

He puts thought into everything he does and every gift he gets, he still remembers my favourite flowers. He remembers special conversations from ages ago and applies them to gifts now, because he knows i will remember telling him that minor detail.

I love him because he treats me with respect, he upholds my integrity, and because hes the one that says, honey you should go buy yourself a treat, just because he can.


I love this man and i am so thankful i married him for eternity!

[deleted account]

You ladies have covered all of it...lol. We're in our 16th wonderful year together, and I don't think there's much we haven't conquered together as a Team. Brian is my very best friend and he's watched and encouraged me to grow from the time I was 25 to almost 41. He's still my favourite comedian. He taught me how to drive stick when I was 25...lol. He's put up with so much disfunctional & crazy, he's a certified psyciatrist...lol. I had a very traumatic childhood and he carries me when I'm weak. He's helped me survive every clinically depressed winter. He still holds me while I grieve for my mother on Christmas Day and my dad on January 18th every year even though I was abused and they both took their own lives a long time ago. He's taught me trust, and true love. He's changed me from a pessimist to an optimist. He has been a stable and upbeat step dad to my 22 year old son. He gave me a gorgeous (God help us!) blue eyed blonde 13 yr old daughter thats 5'9" , smart, and funny as h*ll. He's supported my decision to homeschool our daughter since 2006 (Grade 6). He's proving that we're still growing closer after all these years because as a new truck driver (18 wheelers), he's encouraged me to become a truck driver too. He bought me my dream dog (Rottweiler puppy) when I got my beginners, so we can be Team drivers and safer when we sleep in the cab of the truck...lol. He does ALL the shopping because he knows how much I hate it. He does ALL the cooking when he has a day off. He still tells me I'm gorgeous even though I'm not wearing makeup, and I've put on 20lbs. He never makes me worry, he calls when he's out. I could go on and on...lol. A lifetime with him would be so unfair because we deserve to be together for an eternity. My heart would stop if anything ever happened to him. He's a good Christian.....................

Heidi - posted on 01/04/2009




1) He takes the morning shift with the 2 boys so I can get a bit more sleep with our 9 wk old daughter

2) He get up in the middle of the night if one of the boys calls out or cries

3) He cooks dinner and does dishes just about every night

4) He takes on most of the major cleaning on weekends since I'm a SAHM of a 3 1/2 yr old, a 20 mo. old and a 9 wk old

5) He bathes the boys on bath night

6) He plays with the boys while I run on the treadmill and then shower

7) He tells me and the kids how much he loves me and what an amazing, wife, mother and woman I am

8) He is a champ when dealing with all my craziness...

9) Takes care of any and all monsters (spiders bugs, etc) both real and not real ( monsters in the closet) for both me and the kids

10) His sense of humor...can bring me out of any funk I get in.

His is an amazing husband, father and friend. He works hard for his family outside and insdie the home. I love that man with all that I am. I know he feels the same...other wise he wouldn't have stayed with me for 9 years.

Angela - posted on 01/02/2009




I don't know if I could stop listing at 10 but here are the important ones:

1. He is my best friend

2. He tells me he loves me multiple times a day

3. He took on my children with all their bio-father baggage

4. He texts me multiple times a day when we are both at work

5. He makes me happier than I have ever been in my life

6. He spoils me rotten

7. He is himself

I think that covers the major points. I love him and he is wonderful!

Debrah - posted on 12/27/2008




There is no way to narrow down to 10, but i can give you what I perceave to the top 10.

1. He introduced me to Christ.

2. He allows me to work while he keeps the house, kids and laundry up.

3. He says "I love you" and caresses my face (my favorite) at least daily.

4. He desires to be and acheves being the best dad.

5. He actually likes his mother in law.

6. He loves to engage me in a game of tag, water attack or just cards whenever prompted.

7. I wake up numerous times to catch him "admiring" me even after ten long years.

8. He still plans and asks me out on dates.

9. He respects me and considers me his equal.

10. He refuses to give up on obtaining the perfect, unconditional love to have forever.

Okay, I am spoiled, but remember I am a smidge Bias!!

[deleted account]

Okay, I will try to narrow it down to only 10...

My Husband is the BEST, because:

1. He created 2 amazing daughters with me.

2. He has always taken a big part of responsibility with our daughters (ALWAYS did the night feedings, took time off work to go to all doc visits-during pregnancy and after, and to this day bathes the girls, helps with homework, feeds them, etc)

3. He cooks and cleans...a lot.

4, He constantly tells me he loves me, and that I am beautiful/gorgeous.

5. When he looks at me I get goosebumps.

6. When we kiss, he holds my head in his hands so gently.

7. He works very hard for this family. He doesn't slack off, he doesn't call in sick, and he has never lost a job.

8. He is soooo funny! He makes me laugh, and when I make him laugh, he has the BEST laugh ever! :)

9. He is warm and cuddly...and LOVES to cuddle :)

10. He is my very very best friend. I can tell him anything :)

Korene - posted on 12/27/2008




My husband is the best because...still, after 10 years together...

1. He always tells me how much he loves me

2. He calls me every chance he can when he's away

3. He shows his affection in public

4. He cooks and cleans (much more then his share)

5. He is honest and very loyal

6. He is an awesome Father to 5 kiddos

7. He truly loves me and encourages me in everything I do

8. He will drop what he's doing in an insant if I asked something of him

9. He always blows me kisses and tells me he loves me truly, madly, deeply (our song for 10 years)

10. He has grown in his faith and is very passionate about the Lord.

[deleted account]

1) He's my best friend.
2) He makes me laugh.
3) He helps me stay calm in stressful times - esp with the baby.
4) He keeps me grounded and encourages me to keep going when it gets hard.
5) He vacuums the house - I haven't EVER had to vacuum, because I hate it and he likes it! :)
6) He loves to play with our son and teach him things.
7) He treats me with respect and as an equal.
8) He helps with the housework and the baby willingly and proactively.
9) He takes care of keeping the car running well (this is a huge deal for me).
10) He is super-handy around the house, which is an awesome bonus.

I love him dearly, this man of mine. :)

User - posted on 12/13/2008




My husband is the best because he gets up at 3am to go to work everyday, he bring me home flowers atleast once a month for no reason at all, he does the dishes without being asked, he gets on the floor and has "cups of tea" with our 3 year old daughter, he always knows what is wrong with our 6 month old baby when he cries, He mows the lawn, cleans the pool, does the weeding, cleans the cars, and most improtant of all, he NEVER leaves the toilet seat up !!

Christy - posted on 12/13/2008




My husband is great...He's put up with me and my girly drama for 5 years ;) He is a great daddy to our 6 month old son - very hands on and helpful. He always greets me and leaves me with a kiss and an 'I love you'. He helps with ovenight feedings. He works a second job for extra cash. He's GREAT!

Toni - posted on 12/13/2008




My husband makes me a cuppa each morning

Tells me he loves me and kisses me good bye each morning

Tucks me into bed (I usually go before he does)

Looks after my son at night (I have hashimotos disease and always tired)

Is a great dad

Lets me relax on weekends

Makes me laugh when Im feeling down

Helps around the house

Lets me go away with my girlfriends (they live a few hrs away)

Always thinks I look good even if Im having a bad hair day

Gives the best cuddles in the world

Heather - posted on 12/13/2008




My Husband is the best because...

1. He works very long and hard to support our family

2. He is loyal

3. He is honest

4. He is loving.

5. He is caring.

6. He is a wonderful father

7. He is a great husband

8. He puts up with me

9. He loves to spoil me and the kids

10. Ultimately,,,HE HELPS WITH HOUSEWORK! lol

Stephanie - posted on 12/12/2008




I can't think of 10 things off the top of my head, I guess in a nutshell:

he is loyal, he is hard working, he is a loving dad, and he has put up with me for 8 years!!

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