Does your husband help with the kids at bed time?


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Angela - posted on 07/18/2012




My kids are aged 23 - 32 and don't live with me, they have their own homes. My husband is not their father. Their Dad was my first husband, I left him & divorced him years ago. He died just 4 months after I married my 2nd husband who has NO children of his own and is a great step-father to my own 4 (even though they're adults!).

So there are no little ones for him to help out with bedtime routines. However he is great around the home with various domestic tasks and does nearly all our cooking. Neither of us like housework all that much so we have a cleaner come to us about 3 hours a week - she's not expensive but is really hard-working so she's great to have round - she packs a lot into her 3 hours! I'm usually the one who does our washing and we do our own individual ironing - though once in a while I'll do his for him as I'm better at ironing (though I don't much like it, LOL!!).

My job involves a lot of domestic tasks plus administrative work as well because I work supporting people with disabilities who live in a Home.

Proud - posted on 07/17/2012




Yes, we have a 20 month old daughter and he helps with getting her teeth brushed and into her jammies...etc

Kristie - posted on 06/04/2012




He works 2nd shift so not really. On the weekends he helps sometimes he does tell them to go to bed.

Holly - posted on 05/31/2012




Yes! And I'm so thankful! We just started our 2-yr old in her toddler bed and I'm 8 wks pregnant so by bedtime I'm exhausted. So blessed to have hubby help!

Supriya - posted on 04/24/2012




Yes, he does..I just cant handle DD when its brush time..waking up in morning, getting her brushed and getting her brushed at night..followed by a hand n face wash is Dh's job and he does it without any reminders unlike all and any other expected jobs:-)

Keisha - posted on 04/20/2012




Always has and I am so happy that he feels it imperative to do so. He enjoys the bonding time with the babies. We have 5, ages 14, 8, 2 (b/g twins) and 4 mos. He helped with the older ones and when the twins came he was all in. Adding another one to the bunch just made it all the better~

Ellie Richardson - posted on 04/19/2012




Im working mostly second shift and my husband Makes sure my girls are feed ,showerd, and teeth are brushed. My kids fall right out.

Gaby - posted on 03/24/2012




yes! we have 2 children. 8 years apart.

He cooks pretty often. He cleans if I ask him too. He helps with laundry. He takes the kids so I can have some time alone. He bathes the little one. He feeds her. He is awesome!

Couldn't do it without him!!!!

Liz - posted on 03/23/2012




Unfortunately, mine doen't. It kind of stinks trying to get 3 very energetic boys to bed while my infant daughter cries. (She's kind of spoiled). But my husband has to go to bed by about 7 - 7:30PM as he gets up at 3:00AM for work. On the weekends though, if I ask him, he will take them up to bed, but that's about it. Forget having him do anything else! He is a zombie if he's up past 8 haha!

Angela - posted on 02/09/2012




No he doesn't help with the "kids" at bedtime. Reasons being:

a) He's not the children's father

b) The children don't live with us

c) The children are all grown-up - they're adults!

He's my 2nd husband. We've been married nearly 3 years and we were 50 when we got married. He doesn't have any biological children of his own.

Sharlene - posted on 02/08/2012




My darling husband works fulltime and comes home and cooks dinner for all of us. We have 4 children and 3 of them have special needs and then I have 3 step children every second weekend , So my husband comes and helps me with the children and bedtime routine every night and daily routines.

Kathy - posted on 02/07/2012




My kids don't have security blankets, but if dad is not involved in the bed time routine they become inconsolable.So he has to be home during bed time.

Nelly - posted on 02/01/2012




Yes my husband is great at helping with bed time after dinner I bathe mydaughter and my husband cleans the kitchen with the boys then the 2 of us bathe the boys and we all tuck them into bed

Maggie - posted on 12/28/2011




my husband always does bedtime because I work evenings. he's very good and the boys are usually asleep when I get home.

Janeta - posted on 09/29/2011




I give our daughter a bath (my husband says he feels weird doing it I understand) I dress her and he gets her a cup of milk and he reads her a book while I sit in the room with the two of them. He then lays her in her bed with her baby and I put her blanket on her and we kiss her goodnight, she sleeps through the night every night but if our routine is messed up she freaks out.

Joy - posted on 09/24/2011




My husband took complete control of the bedtime routine in the last three months. We kind of alternated before that, but I am pregnant again and he gets home late, so it's part of his daddy time with our boys. He reads a bible story or two, gives them bottles, and prays with them. I really appreciate it as I'm exhausted by the time the middle of the day comes and I still have hours to go before I can actually sleep.

[deleted account]

No, but that's because he isn't home. On weekends or on the rare occation he is home at bed time, he only really helps if asked. But honestly I don't feel like I often need help. Our bedtime routine is fairly short; pjs, teeth, bed (bath is once a week). I know that once this next one comes that he'll happily jump in and help.

Really where he's the biggest help is in the mornings. He'll make up a breakfast and keep our daughter occupied while I get ready, before he leaves for work.

Coco - posted on 09/20/2011




Yes he does. I prepare the girl, he's with the boy. We then read a little all together. good times
Oh and he does the baths!

Nomsa - posted on 09/07/2011




yes, he is a very hands on dad, i hardly bath my kids and he just loves doing everything for them.

Korah - posted on 09/05/2011




My hubby has story/bible time with our son and then I take over with the rest of tucking him in :)

Deidre - posted on 07/12/2011




My husband as well shares in the bedtime routine when he's home (he is in the military though, so this isn't a nightly thing). Thankfully my daughter has no qualms whether he's there or not, but she absolutely loves having him there participating :) I can't imagine him *not* being in the bedtime routine when he's home lol.

[deleted account]

My husband does bedtime in our house for our girls. our son is only 7 months old, so I still get him ready and in bed, but in a few more months he will also do his bedtime. He says since I'm home all day its his time with the girls. It's been this way since my oldest was a baby. She is 4 and still tells me I dont adjust her bath water correctly. LOL

Karen - posted on 07/11/2011




Yes i think he loves his daddy/daughter time, but we both read her stories just before bed. they have their own little things they like do together like put 'face cream' on each other after she has her nappy changed, which i think is really cute.

Michelle - posted on 07/10/2011




As long as he's home he does. When he works late or is out of town then naturally not.

Tamara - posted on 07/09/2011




Yes most days he does, when he is on days or graveyards, he goes and tucks them in and reads them a story. when he is on swings he doesnt since heck he isnt home but he does talk to them on the phone right before they go to bed.

Lynn - posted on 06/22/2011




Usually I am the one to put our son to bed. Anytime I want my hubby to put our son to bed thoguh, i just ask him and he says ok and jumps right on it. or if i run to the store to go get food and things, he will ask if I want him to put our son to bed while I am gone.

Charity - posted on 06/22/2011




My husband runs our daughters bath, and brushes her teeth. She is a real chatterbox and by bedtime I have heard it all! It gives me a break from the chatter, and he gets a chance to listen!

Nicky - posted on 06/20/2011




Yes, we alternate, usually swap daily, bath and bed, or if one is feeling tired or has something else they would like to get stuck into we can swap, if it gets tough we are usually both in there or take turns till our 1 yr old drifts off into blissful sleep.... ahhh bless teething grr!

Brooke - posted on 06/20/2011




Yes, mine does. We have 2 boys, nearly 5 years apart, so they like different books. My husband will read to one while I read to the other, and even if he comes home late, he will still go in and give them a kiss while they are sleeping! Also, once a week, I run a girl guide unit, so he feeds the kids, showers them, and puts them in bed ready for a kiss when I get home.

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