How do you tell your husband that your ready to have more children?

Sebrina - posted on 01/28/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




My son he will be 1 in march.. I want to have one more kiddo and I dont want to wait to long and i dont want to have kids after im 29..Im 25 now. My husband wants to wait till our son is about 2 or 3. What can I do to get him started now?



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Evone - posted on 07/06/2011




dont push it baby girl...the last thing you want is for him to say no and it be final...listen i am 27 with five kids..i love all of them to death..but if i would have waited a little longer i could have provided better for them in the begining..see i have stair steps..10yr old,9,8,5 1/2, and 3 1/ me wait'll thank me later when you have more than one

Lynn - posted on 07/01/2011




But Shawna, isnt it better to have a child when you are both ready? Rather then say its going to happen if he wants to or not, maybe you should sit down and talk with him and explain your feelings. I just cant imagine telling a man that you are going to create a child if he likes it or not.

Shawna - posted on 06/28/2011




I am also going through the same situation right now. I have a 9 year old and a 15 month old. I want one more just so that I can say I am done, but the hubby thinks otherwise. I have talked to him about it and sometimes he is up for having another and then other times he says NO WAY!! He is undecided and it drives me crazy, think I am just gonna have to put my foot down and tell him this is what I WANT!!

Jodi - posted on 02/06/2010




so it seems agreed that the best idea is to tell him. it can be difficult but hey if it helps I'm going through the same thing. I keep bring it up to my husband but he doesn't really seem to want amy more kids at all. I said thats not an option, hehe. I don't want our daughter to be an only child like we were and I really want her to have a sibling close in age. let me know what your husband says or does.

Emma - posted on 02/06/2010




Be upfront tell him how you feel and that you want another soon, maybe he will compromise but it has to be something you both want. Good luck

Alexis - posted on 01/28/2010




I just flat out tell him...hey baby..i want to be pregnant pretty straight forward with him..and him with me to..:) but of course i say that..but not yet..i have a 5 1/2 month old and i dont think im ready for another although i want one so bad..a lil girl :)

Glory - posted on 01/28/2010




you both should be on the same page, just be honest and tell him this is something you really want. I'd like to give you a little advice if you don't mind. Everyone that knows me knows that Iove kids, they tell me I have the patience if a saint. I have a 21, 19, 11, 10, and a 7 year old. My first two where 19 months apart and my second pair where 13 months apart. My last one is 3 younger than the last. I've been lucky enough to say that I am a full time mom. Having the kids so close in age, I found that having a little todler running around with so much energy, and me being pregnant, was a little overwhelming. When I was pregnant, there where times I was tired, morning sickness, swollen ankles, you know all those great things that we go through when we are pregnant. lol We still have to make dinner, clean the house, take care of our husbands not to mention a little todler that is full of energy, and is still a baby, and sometimes cry for no reason at all even for an hour nonstop, and they need our undivided attention. I was not able to enjoy my pregnancy, beacuse I was too busy with my baby and all the rest. When they where close in age, people used to ask me if they where twins. I finally gave in and would say yes. Now, when my son turn 2 and than I got pregnant with my last. When I had my last baby, it was like having my first child. It's been almost three years since my last. I enjoyed every minute of it. I had time to take care of my new born, put my three year old down for a nap, I had more of a system, I had time to sit and spend quality time with my newborn. I guess what I am trying to say is that I had a system with my children, by the time I had my last child, my oldest was 14, 12,4,3. They where all at an age that I was able to handle them, and they wheren't so much work as having a one year old baby that is barely larning how to walk and a newborn that needs practicaly most of time ...when you are able to enjoy your first pregnancy, have your first baby, give him all your undivided attention, until he is 2 and then get pregnant again, and enjoy your second pregnancy, having time for your 2 year old when he is having a bad day, take time for yourself because you deserve it!! and look forward to that second baby as if he/she is your first,,,than is all worth the time. I'm sorry for the long response, I just thought you might appreciate someone elses experience, ...If you are determine on having a baby now,,,just tell him that having a baby right now is something you really want, and you are very serious about...

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Just be up front with him that you're ready to try for another one now, and ask how he would feel about that. Talk openly and honestly, try to really understand the reason for each other's opinion on it, and hopefully you guys can reach a conclusion that you are both happy with.

I wanted to try for another one not long after my son was born, but my husband didn't. I was a little upset, but stayed calm and asked him why he felt that way, and he told me he was mostly worried for me being physically ready for another pregnancy. Plus, we knew he'd be getting orders to a new post soon, and did not know if our new area would be homebirth friendly (it is, thank goodness!) and he knew I'd be miserable if I had to do a hospital birth.

I understood his point, and we waited. Our son is 13 months old now, and last weekend, as we were shopping at Babies R Us, he said to me, "What would you think of trying for another baby this year?" I was thrilled!!

What I'm saying is, sometimes they have good reasons for their opinions on these things, and sometimes they will surprise you by seeing things your way after a while. Good luck!!!

September - posted on 01/28/2010




Tell him how you feel. If that does not work then you might be stuck waiting for another year or so. It sounds like it will still happen before you're 29 so what's the big deal?

Maggie - posted on 01/28/2010




talk to him about it. Let him know your thoughts on having siblings closer in age. Also point out that if you get pregnant within the next few months your son will be almost 2 when the baby is born.

You might end up waiting because he is truly not ready or willing to have another one now but at least you will have said what you needed to say and possibly come to a compromise.

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