Is your husband a God-send? Mines is!!

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I met my husband in middle school (can you believe it) my 7th grade, his 8th grade year. It's funny because even then we were two totally different people. I was popular and knew everyone vice versa and he was weird and was kind of a social outcast. We broke up for reasons no one really knows (his sister) and that was that. I got to high school and entered a 4 1/2 yr relationship, he went to high school and got serious his senior year, we both ended up with non appreciative, cheating, lying, WHORES!!! LOL, but then we reunited on fb through a friend that I didn't even know we mutually had. And that was that, everything happened so quickly. We "met" and started dating in April, I graduated in May, saw him again in June, and July I was pregnant, lol. But seriously though my house was hell and he took me away from there. I use to question myself and God, "Why me? Why now? I was going to college, a week away. I'm 18!!" But then I looked back at it, my mom is the devil and kept me under lock, if I had went off to college I would have gotten buck wilde, partied, drunk (I don't drink), ended up with a bad rep, etc. So I know that He was just looking out for me and blessed me with a wonderful baby boy and the greatest man I could ask for. I may have gotten pregnant at 17, married at 18, and whatever you want to say but I am one blessed and happy 19 year old. How about you?


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Lynn - posted on 12/04/2008




You may be only 19 but with the experiences it sounds like you have went through in your past, I am sure you are a really MATURE 19. I know that thirteen year olds think they are old enough to do anything. 16 year olds are 'almost adult'. 18 year olds are 'responsible adults because they are legally 18'. 21 year olds are adults because 'hell, they can even legally drink.' but I dont think any of that is when you are an adult. I think you are an adult when you have a past that you have learned from and 'matured' from. Thats what makes you an adult. I am glad that you see your husband as a blessing from God. From what you have told, I would totally agree with that!

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My husband and I met in high school. He is also a year older than me. Although we were friends we never dated until after I graduated. I became pregnant about a year later. We were planning on getting married after I'd graduated from college but God had other plans. It was hard the first couple of years, finishing school, working part time and taking care of an infant and house, but we made it through. Just keep the lines of communication open. We have been married 18 yrs and have 2 teenagers now. He is my best friend, lover, and partner in crime (we love to play jokes on the kids). I can't imagine living without him by my side. The best part is....he LOVES to cook and I hate it! Good luck!

Nora - posted on 11/28/2008




God does work in mysterious ways! My husband and I got pregnant right away. A honey moon baby:) Everyone said our marriage would be ruff because of having a kid so soon. No it was not planned. But it was in HIS plan. Right off the bat holding that little guy. ..Those tiny fingers and toes in our hands, we started to grow leaps and bounds in our knowledge of what Love really is. NOt Just infatuation, lust, thinking "he's so cute or got such a hott butt. NO way more than that. We started to learn about the love God has for us the most awesome unconditional love ever. We fell deeper in love with one another as we cared for such a precious gift. Sure it was hard sometimes. But God just pulled us together and made our love all the more real! Through thick in thin if you get my drift!

Thank God for bringing the Right Guy in to our life at the right time and for his gift of love he shares with us daily!

Glad you are happy Kris! I am too! By the way I have now been married 10 wonderful years. I hope for you happiness that lasts as well! God bless!

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