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Well i am getting ready for a big move. my husband and I are getting ready to move to Las Vegas. I am getting excited about it, but not looking forward to packing. Hmmm maybe i should start packing soon since i am moving in TWO WEEKS!! LOL Whats the one most important thing about moving with a 4 year old? It can be about traveling, about moving, about settling into the house. Whats the one most important thing to do or not do on this move?


Maria - posted on 10/15/2010




How fun! Well, I remember those days with two toddlers in tow! lol... I would recommend getting your 4 yr-old into the mix, so he wouldn't feel left out. He may be packing his stuff toys first, but that's all part of the packing fun! If you give him his own little box to pack, he'll gladly help, but you may have to keep an eye on what he puts in there. I find that putting the box right close by the box I'm packing helps. Just let him know which box is his. lol... Also, if it's going to be a long ride, keep necessities within arm's reach as much as possible, specially when they get bored, or hungry, or need to go to the bathroom. If you have a portable dvd player, you may need to keep him occupied with children's educational dvds like blue's clues, cliff, curious george, thomas the tank engine, and the like! :p

Emma - posted on 10/18/2010




make their new bedroom as similar to their old one as possible, and make it the first room that you unpack so they have their toys etc. We just moved last weekend and it really helped our 2 year old to settle in

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I just made a big move with a 2 year old and a 5 month old(now 7 months). Make sure have any and all security blanket type stuff with you on the trip. Make sure you have a variety of toys for him to be entertained. Since your little man is 4. Make up games for the long trip, like eye spy. Have music for him to listen to too. If you have portable DVD player that will be helpful too. Make sure there is a pillow in arms reach too. Along with plenty of snacks and drinks. The most important thing to pack is your patience. It is very hard on any child to travel.

Sarah - posted on 10/11/2010




make it an adventure!! 4 year olds are so much fun and so imaginative! Make a "treasure hunt" of things to find in your new city or neighborhood. Be sure to keep some of your child's favorite toys or books within arms reach on the trip. Kids don't like to feel like they have no control so, let your 4 year old help some with the packing so he/she feels involved and not left out of everything that's going on.



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Denise - posted on 10/24/2010




Make sure you take a local phone book so that you can still contact places back home. You always need to for one reason or another. Also, make sure you get copies of your child's(and all family members) medical/shot records. Finally, take this opportunity to organize as you are packing and get rid of stuff that you no longer need. This will make your life much easier when unpacking. Good luck and safe travels!

LeeAnn - posted on 10/20/2010




Look at pictures of the new place frequently, and talk about your "new house,"so that it is familiar to him when you get there. And make sure you know where the "lovies" are and that they are easily accessible!
For the travelling part make sure you have a variety of things for him to do, books, toys, etc. that are easily in his reach, and pack snacks and drinks that are neat and travel well (things with minimal crumbs!) Be sure to stop every couple hours for potty breaks and to run around a bit. Even though he's 4 it might be a good idea to have a potty chair with you in case he has to "go" and you're not near a bathroom.

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