The Amazing Man that God has Blessed me with!

Allie - posted on 03/12/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




A few weeks ago, i found out that my Alopecia is flairing up AGAIN, and before I tell u just how amazing my hubby is i should probably tell you what Alopecia is, It is a disease where the white blood cells see your hair follicles as harmful to your body and attack them (like they would a disease or unknown object in your body) this causes the hair follicles to simply shut down, causing the hair to fall out completely. Now this is not painful, or life threatening by any means, and i have been dealing with this since about the 4th grade, and have not had a major flair up since then.
Back when I was in grade school i was teased mercilessly about my hair loss, since the alopecia left me nearly completely bald, and everyone knows how cruel kids can be at that stage in life, so i was teased endlessly...dragging my self esteem downward drastically. I remained almost bald until i hit the 8th grade, and didn't have a severe flare up (only minor ones) up until now.
I warned my husband when i met him about my disease, and about how my hair could at some point completely fall out. He assured me he didnt care, and up until a few days ago i didnt figure he would have to ever deal with it.
The other night when I hopped into the shower i had started to lather up my hair (and mind you it comes down to almost waist now) a large clump of hair fell out into my hands as i was soaping up my hair. I thought he was asleep and that he wouldnt hear me when I started to cry, (mind you im not a vain person, but it is pretty embarrassing to have everyone point at you and stare....and yes now as an adult people even laugh, just like they did when i was in grade school) He rushed into the bathroom to find out what the matter was, and even though he had to leave for work quite early the next morning, he took the time to brush my hair and look over every inch of my scalp, pinpointing for me exactly where the spots were showing up at. He even called a dermatologist for me to set up an appointment for next week, and is taking time off of work to be there with me for my appointment. He is just such a wonderful wonderful man! How lucky I am!


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Samira - posted on 05/26/2013




I hope you get better, things happen in life and you just have to be strong and take the good with the bad. Never care what others think of you. Your husband is what matters and obviously he loves you unconditionally. Take Care

Lynn - posted on 03/12/2009




Oh gosh it sounds like you surely have a wonderful Husband. I know what it is like not being vain, but worrying about what people think at the same time. I got bad scars when I was 14 and refused to even wear a short sleeved shirt until I was about 20. I was wearing long sleeve in rain or shine. I live in minnesota, where it gets 100 degrees with 85 percent humidity. But i REFUSED to show my scars, and would wear long sleeves no matter what. So I understand what you mean about not being vain, but also worry about being different. Thats great you have such a wonderful husband. And you look like you are a truly beautiful woman. So be confident, use your husband as your back bone, and remember, your hair isnt all you have going for you. you are very pretty and all I can see is your face.

Shelly - posted on 03/12/2009





  You are a very BLESSED woman.  Our husbands tell us that they don't love us for aour looks but you know you still question it !!  Well sweety you no longer have to wonder b/c your dear wonderful hubby proved it to you...When you sit and count your blessings count him first!!!

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