TRAVEL ADVICES for Mommies who go on trips with their wonderful husband and kids

Arielle - posted on 08/06/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Traveling with the family can be great, exciting and a fantastic developmental opportunity for your children. To all the moms who are planning to go for a vacation with their families, here's how to ready! Here is the place where you can ask ANYTHING about traveling, and get great advice. Reduce your vacation planning stress, now.


Sharon - posted on 08/31/2012




when my kids were little, I packed an outfit a day in a ziplock bag. That way I wasn't scrounging through the suitcase looking for their clothes.


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Tina - posted on 08/10/2012




First things that come to mind depend on the ages of the kids, babies etc. With little ones you need to have on hand or be prepared to shop for, the extras or pack so that they can be reused. I.e. wipes, whether they be for infants and diaper changes, cleaning hands, faces after a meal, or clean up of any potential messes from fast food stops or if you have planned on packing your own meal for at least two meals or so. Paper towels for clean up also are handy to have on hand, brush, dustpan are also helpful for crumbs from anything, and a trashbag, or lots of little ones depending on whether you can trust your kids to use it or have to be the manager of that as well. Bringing dvd's or tapes, or players to help kids to become quiet or having games in mind to play, i.e. the 'abc game using either car lisence tags, or bill boards or counting animals in the field if the area is appropriate to do so. This is for on the road travel . Being able to make stops for the bathroom, are vital of course and if your husband can figure in the time for running, exercise of the little ones when able to get out it would be greatly appreciated to stretch those legs for yourself too. If traveling with a pet, be sure to pay attention to the pet's signals for when they need a pit stop too!!! We traveled with a cat, and I distinctly remember we had not paid attention and someone's lap was the area of 'deposit', so having special sensitivity to that is very important as well. Bring as much as you can manage space wise for drinks and sandwhiches , fresh fruit, veggies and some quiet games for those able to be old enough to play them. Change windows for those able to do so, i.e. brother or sister to change sides if old enough to manage that . If you are nursing and traveling, plan on sitting next to your baby in the vehicle, so when that time comes it will save a stop and you can manage that if your baby's car seat will accomodate you there. Sitting just right helps a lot ! Take time out for periodic clean up of the vehicle between stops, i.e. gas station stops for the vehicle are good times for that if you can manage to do so. If your children are old enough to help there they can feel helpful and much appreciated in doing their part for the trip. Having them help also with food preparation before leaving will be good for them to do. It will make them feel helpful and important when they can participate in the preparation. Books are good to read to them, if you don't have to navigate the maps, or use the electronic devices and your husband can manage that . Depending on the length of the trip will also determine whether you bring more or less of these things. We had one day trips, and two day trips as well as week long trips. Traveling from state to state to see family was all that I can really remember doing with our children. Though we did go to amusement parks too plus some historical places. If you are camping, depending on whether it's tent camping or the 'pop up' campers, planning on being able to use the clothes washer at the local laundry area is advisable unless of course family area is close enough that you are able to save some money there. These are just suggestions. Hope this was helpful.

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