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what is an easy way to potty train my almost two year old?

Tiffany - posted on 08/18/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Im having trouble potty training my daughter she is almost two and tells me when she has already done her business...... Someone please help me on how can do this!


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my daughter will be 2 this month. this week i decided to potty train her. I figured I would go the diaperless route. I leave her diaperless all day long sometimes if someone is over I put underwear on her. She has had a few accidents, but she is doing great! dont put pullups or diapers on her at all, unless its naptime or bedtime! What I did was put a towel down and then sat her potty on it and gave her a wipey bucket on one side of the potty and a bucket of books on the other. we sit there and read or i turn on a movie. Yesterday she would run to the potty when she had to go and would just bring the potty bucket filled with pee to me. lol. did this twice. had no accidents yesterday! Ive heard that the best method is going diaperless, thats why im using this method! does ur daughter stay dry after naptimes? and for longer periods of times?if so then she might be ready! try this method for a day or two, if she does good then continue it, if she doesnt then dont push her, try again in a month or two. this is our second attempt, first didnt go well, seconds going good! She has been poop potty trained for a while now. when she was 9 months I would put her on potty when she was going poop. so she has been going poop on the potty for a while now! She would point to her butt when she had to poop n we would sit on her potty to poop! try it and let us know how it goes. some kids are ready at 2, so arent. follow ur daughters cues.

Lilliana - posted on 08/30/2011




That is very young to potty train! We all know our own children best, so who knows maybe your son is ready!
Doctors say the best time to potty train is between 3-4. I know my son was ready at 2 and a half.
Just be careful, you don't want your maybe to still be in the oral stage when you potty train!
Also as far as potty training being easy, don't force it, suggest it. Buy a potty and let your son put stickers all over it. Then everytime you go potty take him with you and put him on his potty!

Sufia - posted on 08/23/2011




I also potty trained my daughter when she was almost two years old. I bought a potty for her but she never used it i used to take her to the bath room every little while but she never did anything in the bathroom. It was really furstrating. Then i thought to use the toilet and it worked in the first try!! My girl loved being a big girl and started telling me she needs to go. Now she is almost 3 and she goes to the bathroom on her own :

I hope it helped. and good luck. :)

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