Just wanted to know everybody's opinion about Christmas & Santa Claus?

Moonika - posted on 11/20/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Do all parents tell their children that Santa Claus brings Christmas presents or do people give presents? Just wondering about other families and traditions. I had Santa when I was small but i dont think i gained anything by it. Some say I take the magic out of my childs life but I dont feel right to lie to her and want her to be happy about her parents working hard to provide her with a happy life and also to appreciate money and family. She will still get nice dinner, Christmas tree and all the decorations and all the presents, just presents come from her family not from some made up character from North Pole...Even tho I am an Ateist I think Christmas is meant to be a religious holiday not a time to show off your financial abilities or get yourself in a hole with debt, so for me Christmas is about Family. What are your opinions on all that?


Melissa - posted on 12/11/2009




I think that everyone should do what they feel is best for their families. I personally tell my children about santa. I love to see the light in their eyes when they meet him. It is something I remember fondly growing up. i think it teaches them about dreams, imagination, and hope. Once they are old enough to figure it out, they are usually old enough to know why santa was such a big deal. I think that Santa adds to the magic of the seaon, regardless of ones religious beliefs, however I don't feel that everyone should have to follow that same beliefs/traditions. My mom put from santa on our gifts till I was a teen, lol. Hope you have a wonderful holiday moonika! Be confident in which ever traditions you start for your own family :)

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