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Kasey - posted on 05/09/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My mom died of cancer at age 50 in September of 2009. My daughter was only 6 months old. My grandmother also died at 54. I get kind of nervous about not being to be there for my daughter when she has kids....

The hardest thing for me though is my daughter doesnt have a grandma, and I dont get to share the experinece of being a mom, with my own mom. All my friends have moms that they are really close to, and makes me yearn and want my relationship back with my mom. I just miss her so much...


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Sharlene - posted on 01/25/2012




My mother died at 65 yrs old with ovarian cancer ,It's being 20 months and and I just had my 3rd child a little girl , still now I grief for her

Ashley - posted on 11/01/2011




I can relate my mother died at age 49 of Cancer and my great grandmother died a year before of cancer. I was 9months pregnant when my mother died and my due date was jst days away from the day she passed i ended up having him 2 weeks later. It is very hard. I found out that making a scrap book of pictures of my mom helped me when i found out i was pregnant with my daughter. My kids and i will sit down and look at all the pictures and i tell them about her.

Ticia - posted on 03/06/2011




i so feel your nana died when i was only 14 an my mom just recently passed last nov 2010 an im so sad for my daughter cause she sits an listens to her school friends talk about there grandmothers an she has on my fiance's side he just lost his mom-mom a yr ago who pretty mcuh was his mother figure in his eyes alot of times cause him an his mother hae a real rocky realtionship ..most fot he time theres not one i wish it were different for all of them so its like none of us jave moms anymore an it is so hard ot not be able to call her an talk likewe use to all the time..or like 1 or 2 am when we knew we'd both be up cause neither one us slept head just goes in oberdirve worrying at times that i dont want my daughter bria who is 5 to be lon when shes older since we had a very small fa,ily on my side the sam eas her father's side..i so want her to have locing people in her life after im gone an i so hope an pray she does..i was extremely close to mike my fiance's mom-mom we talked like almost i called her mom-mom also she was a great women an bria was so close to her an it crushed her little heart to lose her..then like 11 mos later i lose my mom who bria was extremely close to also..she did talk to her everyday as i did an we no longer have them to talk or turn an its so hard its unreal..i hope my girl is ok an she do'nt hurt to much when she hears her friends talking about there grandparents an she ahs none there all dads been gone 5yrs now an mike never knew his dad so she has grandfather's either an it hurts too see other's with the grandparents an all doing things i know well' never be able to do i try to be strong an keep my head up but it is so i miss my mother so much an just wish she could come back...i really need her !! but i know im so glad i was blessed with my daughter casue thriugh out all these painfull losses they would'a been even harder to go through with out seeing her smiling sweet face an haering her tell me "mommy do not worry im always here for you an ill wipe your tears away anytime ya need me too" she is so much my angel an she was only 5 when she said that when i found out my mom had passed away....she's my reason for still going on an trying hard be strong...especially when i don't want too!!

Ciara - posted on 10/28/2010




I know what U mean my grandmother who I never got to meet passed away at age 45I believe my mother told me of cancer. I lost my momma at age 47 of brain cancer my youngest son never really got to know her and it breaks my heart. I have the same fear of me not being able to watch my grandkids grow someday when my boys get there.

Monica - posted on 08/17/2010




I totally relate. My mother died of cancer when I was 15 and even though I am now 31 it has been hard. This is my first pregnancy and I wish she was here to share this experience with. I have been blessed to have a great mother in law but it isn't that same. I miss her like crazy as well! I don't think the pain ever goes away...

Emily - posted on 06/05/2010




I totally can relate to you. My mom died at age 56 in oct of 2009 to cancer. I was 3 months pregnant. I so hate the fact that Mama isn't here to be with me during this special time in my life! I was sitting in my little girl's room folding laundry and just burst into tears! I miss my mom like crazy too. We were so close! I wonder if my heart will ever stop hurting...

Liz - posted on 06/01/2010




Hey Kasey,
My Mum died in November 2009 5 days before my baby boy was born :( It is THE hardest & most traumatic experience i have ever been through, having my baby only days after my Mum died. She had been unwell for many years but it was very sudden as she had just been told she was stable the very day she died. She was only 47.
It is so hard that your baby doesnt have a Grandma, i completely understand, sometimes i cant get myself out of bed i am so down. I was suffering from depression for a few years before my baby was born but now have chronic postnatal depression. All my friends have their Mums too, & they all do the Mum/ Daughter thing & take their babies with them, the pain i feel when that happens is indescribable & im sure you know how it is.
I feel your pain & understand your loss. I am SO sorry you are going through such a horrible time, it truely is a burden no one should carry.
I find comfort in the fact that Mum is now in a better place, free of pain & suffering & can look down on us & watch until we meet her again,. It is a small comfort i know but one i hold onto to keep me sain sometimes. I also tell her things, i hate it when a milestone comes around eg. My boy is 6 months old today. It breaks my heart :( he has 3 teeth & can say Mama but i didnt get to tell her or show her, so instead i talk to her, i hope she hears & i hope she smiles.
I am thinking of you & hope to hear from you soon.
All my thoughts, prayers, love & hugs
Liz xox

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