No support what to do?

Krystal - posted on 06/24/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm 27 and a first time mother, and I'm lost on what to do. My mother was there for my sister when she had her first child and recently took off a week of work to be with my sister with her second child. I had my baby girl 3 months ago and my mom hasn't been there for me except for one night when my bf called her asking her to watch the baby so he could take me out to dinner. The only person that has been there for us is my bf's grandmother who is 93 years old and can't really help. My little one screams every time my mom tries to hold her and I want my mom part of her life but everything that I have tried has just blown up in my face and I end up being the one hurt. Any advice?


Monina - posted on 01/08/2015




Visit your mom if she cannot visit you. Seeing her often makes your child closer to her. Im away with my mom, but my boyfriend buy my mom a ticket to spend with us for a month once a year. At first, its hard for my son and my mom to get along but later on my son missed her and always looking for granny.

FreedomSmellsNice - posted on 08/08/2013




1. You can't change people, you can only change yourself.
2. People are human and they will disappoint and let you down, even family.
3. Create a new "family" through friends, neighbors, meetup groups, church, playdates, library storytime, etc.
4. Forgive the people in your life and realize, that for whatever reason, they can't be there for you. They are not strong enough, but your are. Stop asking for it and give it to yourself. Channel that effort into #3, and you will replenish the empty well that you are trying to fill.
5. If you are religious or spiritual, find God. He is always there.


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