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Hello everybody, and thank you for joining the group. Please feel free to add a topic, ask a question, or offer advice. is there anything anyone would like to discuss openly? Recently, my 4 year old has been asking about my 'mommy". I try to explain in simple terms that my mom is in heaven. I am unsure as to when I will tell her what really happened. I will base it on her maturity rather than age. I often find myself wondering how my mother would interact with my girls, and sometimes it is very difficult for me. What do you tell your children about your mom? How do you handle raising your kids without the assistance, guidance, abd love from you own mom? I feel that my girls have missed out on the opportunity to know thier grandma. However, i look forward to the day when I can tell them wonderful stories about her.



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Emily - posted on 06/08/2010




I have a 4 month old girl. I lost my mom when I was 12 weeks along. I tell Claire about her grandmother already. We have a video of her singing a few months before she passed, and I look forward to showing it to Claire one day. I will ensure that she knows so many things about her dear grandmother. The pain is still so very new b/c she hasn't been gone an entire year yet. She died last October.

Kate - posted on 01/06/2010




Hi Melissa, I share your feelings and can relate. My daughter is only 16 months old and I show her pictures and talk about my mother, but she knows her other 'nanny' (which is what my husband's mother wants to be called). I feel sad that she won't know my mom, who would have loved being called grandma and wouldn't have 'Nanny's rules'. If you know what I mean. I once watched a program that said you should share pictures and stories with your children, when they aren't able to know a grandparent or parent personally. What else do you do?

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