Hi ladies! I am starting this community because I want to connect with some other moms who have decided to take a leap of faith and write their first novel! Browsing through the communities here, I haven't been able to find one that is active enough. Most of them have only one or two posts in the past year or more!I am quite confident that I am not the only mom who is a brand new writer. I am 33 years old and living in NJ. We bought a small farm over a year ago and are still in the process of completing our renovation! My husband owns his own plumbing/HVAC business and I assist him from home. We are the proud parents to three wonderful boys, Michael and Chris, our 14 year old twins, and Danny, our 12 year old and our "baby!" We enjoy spending time at the motocross track with our twins who race. The skate park is another place we frequent. We recently signed Danny up for a breakdancing class - hey, it'll prevent a few headaches and damage to our house now that he won't be teaching himself the moves in our living room! I have wanted to write a novel for a long time now. It feels like the right time now. Our boys are older and just simply too cool to hang out with us all the time like they used to! Even though I am home days, I prefer writing at night when everyone is's quiet and I can organize my thoughts more easily. I also do not have to worry about getting the laundry done, cleaning the floors, or letting our four dogs in and out of the yard! Nighttime is my "me time." I enjoy reading fiction, romance, and paranormal/paranormal romance books. I do wish I had more time to read. I recently even read the YA paranormal romance novel, "Twilight." Not a book I would have gone out on my own and picked form the book store shelf, but it was a great read! My sister-in-law and one of my sons' friend's mom swore to me that as cliche as it is, I would love it and tear through it in no time. Well, they were right! I'm moving on to the second book of the saga, New Moon, and looking forward to the others. I bought the lot of them on ebay, with a winning bid of $10.00! Midnight Sun is going to be the book I read once I am done with the Breaking Dawn books. I know I am a few years behind the whole Twilight craze....but better late than never, right!? I even bought all the movies OnDemand and turned my husband on to them- shhh! don't tell him I told! I have another book, Low Red Moon, sitting on my shelf waiting to be read at some point too. I've been told by tons of people that if you are not reading, you should not be writing. Any thoughts on this? I am looking forward to meeting all of you! I truly hope that many of my fellow moms will see this community and click the jon button! This could be a great place for us to share some of our writing, give and receive honest critiques, and just connect with women who can relate to one another! Sorry if I have rambled. I wanted to provide a thorough explanation! Can't wait to see where this leads us!!!