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Baby shower etiquette for second child..... ?

Delci - posted on 06/28/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a two-year-old boy and am expecting a girl in two months from now. I was really hoping to have a baby shower, but not sure if people will think we're just being greedy. My other problem is that I don't really have any close friends to take the initiative to throw one. (The first time around I was working all through my pregnancy, and it was coworkers that put it together and attended.) I have friends (mostly my ex-coworkers but they still work with my DH), they just aren't close. If I ask, I know one friend (the wife of my DH's best friend) will put together a shower for me, but how rude is that? She had a second baby shower for her son last year (they already had a daughter), so I know she will understand. I know my DH's coworkers (my ex-coworkers) are excited we are having a girl this time around and have mentioned how they want to spoil her. I just don't want to expect anything nor rely on them. It would just be nice since we don't even have any outfits yet. And of course, we could always use diapers and wipes.

I don't even know who would attend. My MIL and aunt-in-laws would most likely be there, but I know know who else would come. Also, I know it's too tacky to set up my own party, but do I offer my house as a place to have it? The friend that would probably be willing to help lives at least a 40 minute drive from us and my DH's work place.

I'm feeling left out and sad that I have to even ask someone to throw a shower for us. The pregnancy hormones aren't helping either :(


Alexis - posted on 07/03/2012




I think since because its a different sex a baby shower is fine. I am having a second boy and they will only be three years apart. I had pretty much everything I needed from my first so I didn't do a baby shower, but plan to do a welcome party after he is born so everyone can meet him.

Michelle - posted on 06/28/2012




I would wait and see what happens if no one throws you a shower before baby is born don't fret, plan a come meet (fill in the blank) tell people you are having a party to welcome your baby into the world and so that everyone can meet her. Just make it clear that gifts are not expected.


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