Beginning to think my Drs just don't have an answer for me. Any advice?

Ashley - posted on 06/14/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




so, I am pregnant with baby #4. When I was pregnant with my 1st child I was told i had uterus didelphys (2 completely seperate uterus) along with 2 cervix and 2vaginas. My 1st 2 pregnancies were in the right side and my 3rd in my left. With my 3rd child (left side), the drs said because they couldn't feel my cervix i wasn't dialated and within 20min of being told that and examined, i gave birth on a stretcher in a hallway. Now i'm pregnant with #4 on the left side again and I'm only 9 1/2wks pregnant and have been spotting and having bloody discharge evryday. Thinking i was miscarrying i went to get a sonogram in which they said "There's the heartbeat, baby looks good. We don't know where the bleeding is coming from." I had another visit with my OB after that and they said the same thing. Heart rate is good, they didn't see anything abnormal so once again no answers. Here I am a week and a half later and still bleeding and having some odd pains. Is it possible that because they cannot do proper swabs on my left cervix and cannot do paps on that side that there is an underlying issue they are just not seeing?? Now my issue my OBs are discussing is that my kids followed a pattern with the deliveries. 1st-4 wks early 2nd-5 wks early 3rd-6wks early and this one??? I don't know anymore and i don't think my OBs do either. I think i am one giant headache in that office. Any advice?

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