Crying it out while sharing a room??? HELP!

Sara - posted on 02/22/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My baby is three months old, and his older brother (2 yrs 3 months) is fine with him. Loves him to pieces. But they share a room. My little one does NOT need a bottle in the middle of the night, and I want to let him cry it out, but I dont want to deal with a hyper two year old at midnight or five in the morning. Any suggestions? Ive tried takin the baby in the other room to cry it out, but as soon as I set him back in bed when he is finally done, he wakes up and is at it again...


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Serena - posted on 02/27/2010




My two sons share a room and I run into the same problem at times. My oldest son is 3 years and youngest is 7 months. I do practice the CIO method and we haven't started it for the middle of the night yet but for bedtime I usually put my youngest son down first and when he is sleeping, which is usually no more than 10-15 minutes, my older son will get ready for bed, It also gives me time to spend with my older son alone.
But at night when the baby does cry and I don't get in there in time (my monitor broke for some reason) my older son will come in and let me know brother is crying. He then usually proceeds to come and sleep in my room. We do usually move him back into their room once brother is sleeping. So, I guess I would agree with Christina to move the older child. Plus they for some reason tend to sleep harder and wouldn't be bothered as much with the move. Good luck, it is tough

Liz - posted on 02/25/2010




My twins have always shared a room since they have been in their own cribs at three months old. Some of the things that have helped us was music. Having music in the room helps drone out the noise of the crying baby, or perhaps even a noise machine. Now, however, I am due with our third in July and my b/g twins will be 2 in June. My son will be sharing a room with the new baby, and my daughter will have her own room.

Angela - posted on 02/23/2010




I'm considering letting my new baby share a room with it's older sister when it a arrives. Love to hear what ends up working for you.

Christina - posted on 02/23/2010




I'd move the big brother out for a few days while you CIO the baby. Big Bro is going to be more flexible with the transitions and that will give little one a chance to figure things out.

I'm not sure which CIO method you're using, but the Ferber method worked really well for us. I'd be happy to chat with you about our experience if you're interested.

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