Disposable diapers or Cloth diapers??

Eve - posted on 05/17/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




I'm due in 9 wks and still deciding on what diapers to use when my little baby boy is born. My mom keeps talking about cloth diapers (they cheap, ecological and better for babies).

I dont know..i mean i cant really see myself soaking cloth nappies etc. but will do it if its the best for my baby. Please help. Thank you


Alexandra - posted on 06/08/2009




Hi mama! It depends on how addicted you get to Cloth diapering if you go that route...it can be quite expensive if you get addicted to all the diff. types of cute diapers and stuff like most. LOL. I would join diaperswappers.com and chat on there. Its a website for more moms who are lean towards more natural approaches to parenting, labor, living...ect. It's awesome and gives you a lot of insight on every topic you can think of! I have been doing cloth with both my boys for the past 5mo. and wouldn't go back to disposables...I love cloth and do think it is healthier. I pretty much think anything natural versus not natural is usually always healthier in the long run. But it does save money, is very conveniant because you never run out of cloth (even if you don't wash the dipes soon enough, there is always a blanket or something you can use around the house.) And cloth diapering isn't really all that hard. You don't have to soak anything, you change them maybe more frequently, pee dipes you just throw in a pail (don't have to rinse or anything) (and the pail is dry, it doesn't have any liquid in it or anything), poo poo dipes of course you rinse out in the toilet real quick and then throw them in the pail also. Then every 2 or 3 days, you just dump the pail in the washer and start the load and thats it. Hope this helps. If you go with cloth dipes its more conveniant to do cloth wipes also. So you don't fold up the dipe with disposable wipes in them and then have to walk to the trash and throw the wipes away and then carry dipe to toilet or pail...just easier...and wipes are just thrown in pail too and washed with dipes.

Laurie - posted on 05/26/2009




I don't think cloth diapers are necessarily better for the baby - it probably depends on the child. I used disposables and checked into cloth diaper services at the time. It was neither cheap nor ecologically friendly even if you washed everything yourself. I suspect your mom has outdated information - ten or twenty years ago her comments were probably true. Trying to keep a kid dry and rash free in cloth diapers would be difficult since you basically have to catch and change them as soon as they go. With disposables pee is absorbed into the liner and the gel substance keeps the baby's skin clean and dry - hence very little in the way of diaper rashes. Too bad it doesn't work that way with poop - you still have to change them immediately but at least he only goes once or twice a day rather than continually like with pee. I only had a problem with diaper rashes when my son was teething. Thirty years ago my sister had such sensitive skin that cloth diapers were a nightmare - she ran around bottomless much of the time as long as it wasn't too cold for most of the late spring, summer and early fall as otherwise she got horrible diaper rashes. I suspect that wouldn't happen with today's disposable diapers.


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Brittany - posted on 06/15/2009




I use cloth diapers for the economical reasons. But the reality is, if my husband didn't rinse (the new breed of cloth diapers don't need soaking) them off, I wouldn't do it. There are enough things to worry about in my day besides cleaning diapers. That said, the new cloth diapers are AWESOME and I love using them. No nasty smelling liners, no folding of cloth, and no pins! We have two different types, Fuzzie Bunz and Bum Genius. I really like both and my daughter hasn't had a single diaper rash and no issues with leaking or anything like that. They are a bit bulkier in your diaper bag though, which is a drawback on all-day outings. Hope you enjoy whatever you choose to go with!

Jessica - posted on 06/10/2009




ll just have to weigh ur pros and cons...heres my take:

Cloth: Pros - ecological, save money over time, good for sensitive skin, absorbant

cons - time consuming for cleaning, can leak through clothes easier, expensive right out the gate

disposable: pros - easy to use, easy to carry, less time cleaning leaks,, stay on well when moving around

cons - VERY expensive over time, BAD for the environment, can irritate bottom,

I use disposable, but would like to use cloth. I am sensitive to the environment, we're a family on a budget, and they are so soft on babies. But right now convenience is what I need. when my schedule lightens, i will definately be moving to cloth diapers.

ShaTerra - posted on 06/05/2009




LOL! I just couldnt see myself doing cloth diapers. You have to clean the poop out of it if the baby poops and ohmigosh if the baby has runny diarrhea lol but I know it could save you money. I just couldnt see myself doing it. I was perfectly fine with store diapers and they seemed to hold the smells in the diaper pails good.

Molly - posted on 05/31/2009




Check out diaperswappers.com. It's a cloth diapering community, and there are tons of moms with loads of experience.
I cloth diaper, and I seriously couldn't be happier! We use Kissaluvs, which is a brand of fitted diapers. They close with snaps, and keep even the runniest breastfed newborn poo from leaking! With the kissaluvs, you use a cover over the diaper to keep the moisture from soaking babies clothes.
There are plenty of options for cloth, simple prefolds with a cover, all-in-ones that are a diaper and cover, and I'm just starting to get into wool covers...I'm learning to knit so I can make my own! :)
I think the best thing to do is buy a few different kinds that appeal to you, and try them out. You'll figure out pretty quickly what system works best for you. diaperswappers.com has a great FS)T (for sale or trade) forum where you can get great deals on diapers, covers, you name it. :)
One of the best purchases we made was a diaper sprayer for the toilet. You just use the sprayer to rinse the poo off, and then toss it in the diaper pail. Wet pails are not necessary! We just use a lidded trash can as a diaper pail, and take the whole thing to the washer.
You will need to do laundry every couple of days, but it is SO worth it. The amount of trash you save from the landfill alone is worth it.
Oh, and diaper rashes?? We had much worse rashes when we used disposables. We also had major poo blowouts at LEAST twice a day with disposables, and almost NONE with the cloth.
That said, I know cloth is not for everyone. It does take a little extra effort, you just need to figure out what is most important to you.
Good luck!

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with my 2 year old stepson we've been using disposables but I've been thinking about trying gdiapers. They're like cloth diapers with liners that you can throw away or even flush (if you don't have a septic system). they seem expensive though & i haven't gotten any cloth diapers yet so i guess i'm going with disposables...

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My daughter is 16 months old and has been in cloth since she was born. It isn't necessary to soak diapers if you use disposable liners so that you can just lift out and flush any poo down the toilet. Just put them in a dry bucket.

I am amazed by how much money we have saved by using cloth, and I haven't found it to be particularly inconvenient. My daughter has never had nappy rash in her life except when she is teething, and if you use fitted cloth diapers they are very absorbent and don't need changing any more often than disposable ones.

Of course, it is completely up to you, but I really haven't seen many pros to using disposable nappies, except if you have trouble getting them dry in wet weather - but if you have a tumble dryer then I doubt that'll be a problem.

babybeehinds.com has a good range of stuff to look at if you're wanting to get an idea of the different cloth options. Best of luck with your birth and new baby!

Cassie - posted on 05/25/2009




I used disposable diapers until my daughters cord came off then I started using cloth diapers expect for outings.

Melinda - posted on 05/25/2009




I prefer the disposable diapers. They are so much easier to use. I do have some cloth diapers on hand. They are great for burp cloths and it is good to have around in case you have a really bad diaper rash and need something that breaths. We had to use cloth diapers for a little while on my youngest one because she had such a bad rash. It wasn't easy. Like Kalie said the smell is terrible. Good luck on your decision. Take care.

Kalie - posted on 05/17/2009




Hi! How's it going? I considered using cloth diapers thinking they were cheaper in long run and better for the enviroment. My own mother with my youngest brothers 10 years ago used them. I have the memories of her using a butter knife to scrap. *shudder* The smell from those diaper pails was something else. They would soak in javex bleach water. I applaud you if you are able to use them. I wasn't so brave and we are still in an apartment. Also rashes tends to be worse with cloth diapers. I remember reading that. (By the way if you use dispoables and your baby is senstive to one kind try another brand.) Have a good one!

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