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I had a major episiotomy when my son was born- his heart rate was dropping and they needed to get him out fast. Does that mean that it's unavoidable the second time around? That was one of the most horrible parts of the recovery for me, and I really wish that it wouldn't be necessary this time around, but I even tear and bleed sometimes from having sex where I had the episiotomy, so I'm guessing there's no way the skin will stretch enough for a baby. Does anyone have any advice on the subject?


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Unless it becomes medically warranted, you won't NEED another one. Some drs. do routinely perform them for outdated reasons, but natural tearing is always better than cutting.
I made it plainly clear to my midwives that I did not want to be cut. During delivery, the midwife did warm compresses and warm oil perineal massage to help it stretch on its on. Also fast births where the skin doesn't have time to stretch can lead to tearing. Also, lying on our back, even in a 'birthing' hospital bed is the worst posistion to give birth in b/c it creates more stress on the perineum. Delivering on hands & knees seems to be great for reducing tearing- both of my 2 best friends have delivered 9 lb babies on hands & knees and only 1 friend had to have any stitches and that was just with her first.


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I had "routine" episotomies with my first two babies. Not with my third & 4th. My 4th baby was the biggest was posterior, very difficult, 4 hours of pushing and I had NO episiotomy. With preparation, proper care, warm compresses, gentle, patient non-intervention birth tearing is minimal and not painful. Heals quickly stitches or not. The episiotimies were HORRIFIC. I would never, EVER consent to be cut like that if I had only known then what I know now. It's not EVER necessary and does harm rather than any good whatsoever. I just wish I and my doctors knew better back then. Good luck.
God Bless.

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never heard that it had to be done with every child only. so i doubt it
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try not to worry about the coming birth, they are all different, 1st time ceasar's dont nessasarily need them again and 1st time tears/episiotomies dont nessasarily mean it will happen again either, I had an episiotomy with my 1st coz her umbilical cord was really short so she was just getting pulled back in by it, we needed to cut and use forceps to get her out. The second was all natural and went really well such a lovely birth experience (mostly thanks to hypno birthing) teard a little but was in a different spot and it healed but easier and better than the episiotomy. your brain and thought are deeply connected to your body so if you think that you will tear and that your previous episiotomy will be a problem its more likely to happen , try to keep positive.
Also probably best to seek medical advice on the fact that you have trouble with it during sex with your partner - I have found that since having both bub's my natual lubrication seemed to not be very effective so have to buy lubricatoin maybe this will help?

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I agree with the other moms, ask your doctor about the pain you're still having..I had an episiotomy with my firstborn as well for same reasons as you, her heartrate had dropped. They stitched it back up and I remember it was quite sore afterwards, but chalked it up to the fact I had just pushed an 8 lb human out of there haha But the pain went away and I haven't had any troubles since. With my secondborn, I didn't need to be cut and they said I didn't tear either so it was easy cleanup. Was sore after, but yes, another 8lb human and all...each person might be different, based on their skin and genes and whatnot, but there are measures you can take. Read in several books that massaging the perineal or the skin that tears/needs cutting helps it stretch better. May be weird to ask someone to do that...lol but I heard it helps..don't worry about it though, every labor is different. 2ndborns are typically born quickly and easier than firstborns so you have that on your side :)

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Definitely talk with your doctor about the pain that it still causes you! I am having my second son next month and had to have a small episiotomy with my first born. I asked my doctor if she thought it would be necessary the second time around and she said probably not because everything stretches out the first time. I am a small person, only weighing 118 at 37 weeks pregnant, but I am confident in my doctors advice. Hopefully I wont need a second one!

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With my first two the doc automatically did episiotomies. Then I had a differnet doc with my 3rd and yet another doc with my 4th. I didn't have episiotomies with either 3 or 4. I tore a little with both, but it wasn't a big deal. Talk to your doc, but I don't see any reason why you would HAVE to have one just because you did previously.

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