Evening primrose oil has anyone used this?

Candisse - posted on 10/23/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




Hi all!!

im 16 days off having my third baby and have started using EPO as of last night, i was just wanting to see how many people out there have used this and how many noticed any effects on their cervix with labour or did it in fact put you into labour??
this is the first pregnancy i have used it, i dont want to go overdue by two weeks like i did with my sons and i dont want to be medically induced again either so if this has helped please let me know!!


Summer - posted on 11/05/2010




i used it because I was told it would help my cervix ripen. I was 34 weeks and had difficulty with that part of labor with my first...unfortunately i think it worked and I went into labor two days later...so. it's up in the air. might as well try! lol


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Melissa - posted on 11/15/2010




I tried both. Vaginally it was messy and I could feel it leaking out all night...gross

Melissa - posted on 11/13/2010




I tried this also after my mid wife suggested it. I started using it a week before my due date. I ended up going 3 days past due and don't really think it did anything for inducing labour however midwife told me it ripens your cervix which makes labour "easier" lol for a lack of a better word!

Chelsey - posted on 11/05/2010




I used it and would definately reccomend it. Now it did not actually put me into labor but by the time I actually got my labor started (with castor oil -lots of castor oil ) my cervix were completly thinned out.

Rachel - posted on 10/26/2010




I was induced with my first and I will never do that again unless the life of my child is truly at risk. I used evening primrose oil with my second (delivered June 2010), on the recommendation of my midwife. She gave me the gel capsuls and had me insert 4-6 vaginally several nights in a row. I had also been taking some orally, which did nothing for me at all.

Taking the gel capsuls vaginally worked well though. Remember, primrose oil doesn't induce labor, it helps ripen the cervix. If your body isn't ready, it won't respond to the natural methods. I started the EPO at 40 weeks and 5 days, went into labor 41 weeks exactly.

I found it helpful to remind myself that most women don't naturally have their babies until 41w+1day. That is the current average. The old 40 week standard is archaic. Until we are 42 weeks, we aren't overdue (though, I know it doesn't feel like it! lol).

I hope that helps!


Sarah - posted on 10/24/2010




My midwife suggested me using this when I was overdue with our 1st child, it didn't work for me. lol I ended up being induced despite it. Maybe I did it wrong? lol I was taking it orally...maybe there is a better way...hahahaha good luck to you! and I know how you feel, I have been induced with both my previous babies and really really want this one to just come naturally....lets cross our fingers!! :D

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