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Autumn - posted on 11/15/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




has any one heard of giving the other child(first born or others depending on howm any kids you have) a gift from the new baby once its born?? a coworker suggested I buy a doll and wrap it up and present the gift to our daugther at the hosp when she comes in to meet her new sister....has anyone does this? if so what was the reaction?


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Emma - posted on 11/19/2008




I have just had my second lil boy who is 5 weeks old and my oldest son is 19months old. My oldest didnt get a present but i have heard from a few mums who have done this that it works great. What my mother in law did which was fantastic is took my older son shopping befoore coming to the hospital to by the baby a special gift just from him and we praised him alot for it and made it a big deal and he know loves giving his bubba the teddy that plays music. Plus we encouraged him alot before bubs to talk to the bubba in mummies tummy and give him kisses and i have not had a problem he loves his little brother so much. Hope that helps.

Genie - posted on 11/19/2008




I hadn't heard of this, but it sounds like a great idea! That way the older child doesn't feel left out at all. I would do it if I were you, and I think I will do it too!

Tammy - posted on 11/18/2008




I didn't do the gift thing, but I found a Little Golden book when I was pregnant with my second daughter that had that theme. It is called "Baby Dear", and it is about a little girl getting a doll when the new baby came home from the hospital. She got to baby her baby doll like mommy babies the new one. It is sooo precious!

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